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Canine CutUps
  • I stumbled upon this glorious Etsy account called Canine CutUps a few weeks ago and couldn't resist putting my crafty skills to the test :) Each image is made up of several different cuts of decorative paper then glued together like a puzzle. The shiba was for myself, of course, and I had to make a Labrador one for my equally dog-obsessed mother.



    You can view the Etsy shop inspiration here:

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  • Crap! I searched "art" and didn't get any results :( Now that I clicked in the DIY section I see there is already a thread devoted to shiba art. Sorry!!!
  • It looks great! I want one!
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Those are really nice!
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  • SayaSaya
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    Very nice work :)
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