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Just wanted to thank you guys
  • CinderCinder
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    This isn't a long post, I just wanted to thank THANK YOU!

    I just took Cinder for a walk in a HUGE flora and fauna park where all dogs must be on-lead at all times (all shibas would be anyway lol) because of baiting and traps for feral wildlife.

    I had her harness on, with her lead, and for some totally unknown reason the lead snapped off the clasp to the harness as we were a few km into the park and next thing I see is her trotting off ahead of me and me holding a limp lead and gaping at her like a goldfish. My first instinct was to panic and chase her like I did LAST time this happened (when the bf accidentally dropped her leash) but I remembered all the stuff you guys have said about that and crouched down instead and called her in a really high pitched but calm voice. She came straight to me for a chin scratch and a hug and I put everything back together and on we went for a nice long walk.

    That could have gone SO differently..... Just wanted to thank you! Sometimes I know if must seem like all your experience and advice is falling on deaf ears but I honestly think she would have disappeared into the bushes and who knows when/if I'd have seen her again if I'd done what I was about to do without your advice here. /RELIEF!
  • Back when mine was a puppy I would throw myself on the ground and start laughing. He would always come back to see what his stupid human was doing.
  • ZinjaZinja
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    One time I tried running the other way and call him. It worked! Chasing Shibas will give you your cardio for the day!

    In an older thread, someone taught their dog, "Carpet" where it would sit on the carpet. One day, the dog escaped from the front door but they yelled out, "carpet" and the puppy ran back to sit on the carpet :)
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    Sometimes I've noticed that the clasp connecting to the D ring will be open and become detached. I swapped out a locking carabiner for the clasp and no longer worry about this happening.

    To get them to come to me I kneel down on one knee and point with a finger to a spot on the ground. My guys can't resist investigating what I am pointing at.
  • tatonkatatonka
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    @INU RYUU where can you get said locking carabiner? I only see gigantic ones at REI (which doesn't allow dogs BTW :|).
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  • Oh thank goodness! So happy all this information is available for scary situations like that!!!
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    @tatonka, kumaDUDE nailed it. I got mine on ebay. They are lightweight and does not bother my Shibas.

    @kumaDUDE, that is the exact one I use. It has a screw lock gate which offers extra protection. If I get a para cord leash paired with their ruffwear harnesses we could rappel down a cliff in an emergency. There are a few cliffs on the trails we take nature hikes on.
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  • @tatonka - I work at REI. My guess is you're looking in the climbing dept. Probably don't need one that heavy duty. Look either in the camping dept or where they sell the key chains and you'll probably find one that will work.

    Yeah, for safety reasons they don't allow dogs in the store unless they are service dogs. I've seen someone bring a dog in the store and it went south real quick. Store was crowded, lots of noise and the dog just freaked and started snapping. Wasn't the dogs fault. Luckily no one was hurt but the last thing you want is your dog to bite someone and end up losing your dog.
  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
    @kumaDUDE @LemonChicken thx for the info!

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