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Pabo had Parvo - SIRTx and Pabu need some help
  • Pabo, SIRTx's most recent foster was vomiting and not keeping fluids down so he went to the vet.

    UPDATE: They ran some blood tests and found out his liver enzymes and protein levels are too high, edging on dangerous levels. We are now getting him into x-ray to see if he might have a blockage or if they can see anything else.

    Unfortunately, Pabu might need to go to the Emergency Vet tonight if he needs immediate surgery since the regular vet technically closed an hour ago, but we love that they are still there trying to help us figure this out.

    Of course this means that Pabu's vet bills might be a little higher than we had anticipated. Any little bit helps us take care of Pabu and other fosters like him. I guess we couldn't get off easy with no big cost fosters this year, huh?

    Since we are 501(c)3, all donations are tax deductible and it's as easy as clicking this link below. If you prefer to donate by check, we can send you our mailing address as well. Thanks, Shiba fans.

    UPDATE: Okay, y'all. Pabu is staying the night at the emergency vet tonight. He is in dire need of fluids, and unfortunately they were unable to do an ultrasound tonight to figure things out so it will not be until tomorrow. Right now as it stands, his vet bills are totaling close to $4000, and this is without taking into account a possible surgery.

    We seriously need all the help y'all have to give right now. Thoughts, prayers and donations are all really needed. Luckily this dog landed in our laps instead of going through this alone in the shelter, so he has a fighting chance, but it does hurt our ability to help other dogs as well.

    UPDATE: We are still unsure on the blockage issue, but unfortunately his tests came back positive for Parvovirus. He is being treated for it now and we will go from there.
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  • SayaSaya
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    I saw this on FB. :(
    Poor Pabo!

    I hope the treatment goes well. I never dealt with it so it is a scary thing all I know.
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    You should apply to SIRRA for funds. They are a rescue resource and have good funding available.
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  • Any update on Pabo? He looks a lot like the boy that I tried to rescue from a shelter here in Oklahoma.
  • He has recovered from Parvo thankfully and has been neutered so he should be able to find a new home soon! I saw a video of him being playful with his foster brother over the holiday break and he looked so much better!
  • GatsuGatsu
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    It's good to know he made it through it! But he'll always carry the virus huh? Is it ok for him to be around other dogs?
  • I think that they can be contagious for 3-6 weeks after treatment but since most dogs get the vaccine and are protected against parvo, he should be fine around other dogs.
  • Glad to get an update and hear he made it!

    Do they carry the virus forever after that? I don't know (and right now am too lazy to look it up!)* But in any case, I had a GSD who had it as a pup and nearly died. he made it through, though, and we adopted him soon after that. He had some issues from it--his teeth were very bad, and I'm convinced it was the high fever from parvo that contributed to that, but was otherwise ok. He never gave it to other dogs.

    *ok, I looked it up. As far as I can see, they only are contagious for the contagion period as noted above, and then they will never get it again (like humans who have gotten some childhood diseases). I didn't see anything about them continuing to carry it, and I did see something that said there are no "silent" carriers of parvo (ie. dogs that carry it but don't get sick).

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