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How do YOU calculate your Shiba's age? By the date or number of days?
  • AvehAveh
    Posts: 110
    For example, if your Shiba is born on November 1 and you want to calculate when he is 8 weeks old... do you just tack on 2 months, or do you literally calculate out 8 weeks?
    a) If you tack on 2 months = pup turns 8 weeks on January 1
    b) If you calculate 8 weeks = pup turns 8 weeks on December 27

    Just wondering out of curiosity! It seems like most people literally calculate the number of days while the puppy is still young, and then once the pup is more than 6 months old, they just tack on the months.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    It is as what you said. When the puppy is still young we go by the weeks. After 6 months you go by the months...
  • redcattooredcattoo
    Posts: 1960
    Yes, just like people, when they are a baby weeks, days, even hours are tracked for age, but as they grow older it becomes months, then years, and then the I don't even want to track anymore stage or the oh, I don't even remember what year I was born stage.
  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
    1 year = 365.25 days. But the Earth is slowing down, some people say..
  • lindsaytlindsayt
    Posts: 4786
    I count individual weeks
    "Common sense isn't so common"
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  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
    Posts: 1259
    I go by weeks until recently, but if I wanted to be an ahole, I will go by weeks to make someone have to think about it. As for my 12week old baby boy, I go by weeks / days just because it sounds right :/
  • KimuraKimura
    Posts: 191
    I went by weeks until 4 months, then I started saying for month counting calendar dates... not super scientific, but it's the same way with human babies, you go by months until anywhere between 2 and 3 years and then you stop counting the months and just go with approximates quarters and halves, lol.
  • We counted the weeks until Maggie was about 5 or 6 months old and now we're using months! Probably when she gets to be 1.5 or so, we'll stop using months and just stick with years and halves.
  • AWE46M3AWE46M3
    Posts: 357
    I use my secret decoder ring to count the rungs around his longest hair follicle. If the battery in my ring is dead I usually just ask - he's fairly trust worthy as long as you don't ask how many treats he's had... Somehow the answer is also "none."

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