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Midnight Off Leash Adventure
  • BitiBeaBitiBea
    Posts: 234
    Saturday afternoon was a lovely day here in Calgary. The sun was shining and the dogs were barking. My boyfriend and I decided it would be a great idea to take Kismet to the off leash park for her first off leash adventure.

    She was very cautious of the other dogs and stuck by our feet. I had hoped she would run and play with some new found friends but she kept right beside us. A couple of times other dogs would come to her to play and she would run. One time an overly hyper dog pounced on her and there was a yelp. It turned out seeming more of a stressful situation for her than I thought.

    After we got home I had an idea to go back to the off leash park late at night when no one else would be there. I wanted her to get more running and playing into the day for exercise. So I packed up a few beers for myself (BF was DD) and around 11:00pm we headed back to the park. You all might think I'm insane but it was honestly the best idea and most fun I've had in a while.

    Kismet got the running and playing she needed. We raced across the park and up and down these small hills in the middle. I would get her to sit on one hill, tell her "Wait" then go to another hill and open my arms as a signal for her to run over. It was her first time doing this and she did great! (Smart girl :) ) We were able to do some training without distractions and I got to have a few beers and relax knowing the area is well fenced. (Not that she strayed far from our sides.)

    Wish I took some pictures but we were too busy having fun. I highly recommend late night off-leash time and we will be doing it again next weekend. Kismet slept like a baby.
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  • tkfushtkfush
    Posts: 131
    That sounds like so much fun! Unfortunately the dog parks around us have hours (30 minutes before the sunrise to 30 minutes after the sunsets). But it would be nice to have that fenced space to practice recall!!
  • BitiBeaBitiBea
    Posts: 234
    Definitely a good time to practice recall :) I looked for hours in case it was closed but didn't see anything luckily
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  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Sounds like fun! I hate my dog park doesn't allow night fun..

    One time we did stay a bit late luckily there is a lot of lights.

    Saya and Bella was having so much fun with a keeshound and a B&T male shiba so they played a bit more once it got completely dark we all left didn't want park police to come.. lol

    The dog park is in kinda bad neighborhood.. I sometimes have to clean up cigs, beer bottles and water bottles.. :\

    So I do understand such rules as it can be scary if person in dog park was alone and something happened. You need key card to get in ,but the person could climb the high fence if wanted to..

    I bet she had a blast running around Saya prefers playing late or at night because it's cooler compared to the hot summer days.
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  • BitiBeaBitiBea
    Posts: 234
    Even though its cold here all day in the winter months Kismet is still more active at night from what I have seen.

    That is really sad about the beer bottles cigs etc. If your going to drink and smoke at least pick up after yourself.
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  • redcattooredcattoo
    Posts: 1960
    @BitiBea you are lucky your dog park allows night hours.

    None of the dog parks in our area have evening hours. Our favorite dog park, very clean and great owners, is open 7am until dusk (that is just around 6:45pm now). Another option we like that even has a fenced in lake area for dog swimming is only 7am-7pm. And our least favorite option (the closest) is 7:30am - dusk. I know of another dog park we haven't gone to in our area yet but that also has hours listed 8am-6pm with extended hours until 7:30pm on summer weekends. I don't know any dog park within a 30 minute radius here that has the night time safety features to allow for post dusk off leash dog time.

    I would love to have your dog park area as I always come home from work late. For now we put Bear on a 30 foot leash and let him run up and down the 10th hole (a par 5) of the golf course we live on with us, but we still risk not being able to see/grab the leash fast enough if for any reason his prey or play drive for something other than us would kick in.
  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
    My dog park doesn't have after hours, but I go anyway.
  • Me too! The dog park closes at dusk but they don't lock up. My doggies like it better empty. Nikko fetches well so I don't care if I can't see because he brings the ball back so I just keep throwing. I also bring a flash light.
  • PearlPearl
    Posts: 66
    Just got back from my 10 pm visit to the dog park, after practicing our recall for 20 mins, we met two new friends; a whippet type dog and a tiny little wiener dog. Initially I was worried Pearl would try and flip the little dog over, but it seemed like she was all too happy to have someone to run around with. Do any of you guys run into other dogs during your after hours visits?
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8589
    Just a warning about visiting parks after hours... There have been many parks (dog and regular) shut down because of people not following the rules of hours of operation. And you can also be cited for trespassing if you are caught, which in most municipalities is a misdemeanor charge.
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  • BitiBeaBitiBea
    Posts: 234
    @Pearl - when we went late there were other people there but in a different section of the park. The one we go to is gargantuan lol. That's awesome Pearl made some friends :)

    @Sunyata- I wouldn't recommend going after hours if your park has hours and locks and whatnot. The park we go doesn't have hours so I'm sure they don't mind as long as people stay safe and pick up after themselves.
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