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Dog park victory!
  • PearlPearl
    Posts: 66
    I just had the dog park day I have been working towards! I've spent weeks learning the regular crowds schedules. Then I timed my visit to when I could be there with the dogs I think she had the best chance of getting along with the quickest. This took one week of on leash walking beside the dog I want to build a friendship with while there were only a few other dogs in the park and none there to antagonize my dog on a leash.

    Today, at the exact right time I arrived and was confident Pearl was bored of the dog she'd been walking with for a week. I let her off leash and she meandered along with us like a champ. Then the other dogs she was familiar with showed up and she ran herself silly for 30 mins. She even made a pair of new friends too.


    hooray for leaving before the park got too many more dogs in it.

    Important note: Pearl has been heavily socialized as a pup, and only regressed a little bit lately where she tries to flip smaller dogs on to their back. So this isn't new territory but still a big deal to me.

    tl;dr. Leash walking works to help dogs bond as long as there aren't other dogs bugging it.
  • Congratulations! This is really great news to hear.