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Avulsion Fracture
  • Just took my little 7 month old Liko to the vet today since she just spontaneously started limping on Thanksgiving night and the vet diagnosed her with an avulsion fracture of her right tibial crest. The vet said that low activity for a month and painkillers to decrease inflammation should do the trick but after reading up on this injury, pinning the effected area down or a splint/cast was always recommended since her quad muscles could continuously pull at the injury. The limping was only bad the first night but now she walks pretty normal and only lifts her injured leg up when standing still. She also didn't show any signs of pain during this whole ordeal. Anyone else had to deal with an avulsion fracture before? Should I go to another vet and try get a splint at least on the leg? Thanks ahead for any input that can be given.
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