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  • lucylulucylu
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    She's done this a couple other times as well and it usually only lasts a day or two as well
  • My shiba goes through days like that, most of the time she is energetic and pracing about with her toys then every few days she is shaking and follows us from room to room not wanting us to be out of her sight.
  • zazazaza
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    My mums dog acted just like this last week. Lola is a bischon frise but she kept hiding and eating at her tail until she had bit most of the fur off around it! Mum took her to the vets and it turns out she needed her anal glands squeezed, this was really unpleasant and is very common in smaller dog breeds! She seems to be doing well now! Keep us posted on how you get on.
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  • The only time my dog hid under the bed, he was sick from a new dog food I was trying. If she continues to behave that way for more than a day, a vet visit may be in order.
  • ArcticArctic
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    @RAM25, I wouldn't worry about it too much. My pup is perfectly healthy and socialized and all that, and she loves going under my bed or my mothers bed. I'm not sure why. Every once in a while she'll take naps under there. I guess she likes the confined space! If she's otherwise fine, I personally wouldn't worry.
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