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Toys and Chews for puppies!
  • Hello everyone!

    So I've done an advanced search and I haven't found any threads on this. But, forgive me if there is....but anyways, I've bought a few toys so far, but they are all soft. I was a lil nervous to get a hard toy, yet I've been reading that its best to get hard ones because of the teething process. Is this true? Also, are nyla bones a good chew starter for my pup?

    Thank you for any feedback!

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  • SayaSaya
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  • Thanx for the great info, I'm going out with my puppy shopping Friday! This info will.come in handy!!
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  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Make sure the old stuffed toys don't have like plastic eyes that can be choking hazards... I'm wary of using stuffed toys that aren't designed for dogs ha.

    I have the kong wobbler and also the smarter IQ ball. The kong wobbler seems more durable (smarter IQ is plastic) but also a lot easier. Ozzy finishes his food in like 5 minutes with that one while the IQ ball takes a good 15 minutes when set at its max difficulty. Even though it's less durable, I prefer the smarter IQ ball. Ozzy LOVES it lol. Also have several trixie puzzle toys which are really fun! But he also figures them out SO fast lol. I want to get some Nina Ottoson ones (ordered one for his upcoming birthday). Ozzy loves puzzle toys, it's just hard to keep it challenging cus he figures them out very quickly.

    He really likes Himalayan chews and those squeaky Kong balls as well. He loves the kong cozy stuffed animals. Also it was very useful for my boyfriend and I to each have a pocket toy that we kept in our pockets lol. So when we saw him wanting to approach something he shouldn't, we could intercept his focus with the pocket toy, and encourage him to play with that before developing bad habits like chewing on the remote or furniture or shoes. It was also very useful on walks. He also enjoys tugging rope toys and many different textured balls. He's all about fetch and loves having a variety of balls to play with. As a puppy, he was not very interested in balls at all though. Now he's pretty obsessed with the chuck it and its variety of balls ha.

    For chew snacks we like honest kitchen beams and sometimes bully springs. Ozzy doesn't like bully sticks all that much but he likes the spring shaped ones sometimes lol. And chicken feet. :P His favorite are the Himalayan chews, and they also last the longest. They're a very good deal on Amazon. Like 3 medium sized ones for $20. We ordered that a month ago and are on the second chew now haha. We don't get many nylabones or chews like that, but we've gotten a few. He had the dinosaur nylabone and the benebone, but I always make sure he only has those ones when supervised cus I'm always worried about him tearing off chunks and causing blockages or something. Though he's actually a very patient, responsible chewer who spits the stuff out and makes a mess lol. But I'm still cautious.
  • JuniJuni
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    If you guys are on Pinterest there are a lot of info on how to make your own toys, also puzzle types. I've gotten some great ideas to keep Juni occupied and challenged lately.
  • rubyruby
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    Thanks. I just looked and there are tons!

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