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Toys and Chews for puppies!
  • Hello everyone!

    So I've done an advanced search and I haven't found any threads on this. But, forgive me if there is....but anyways, I've bought a few toys so far, but they are all soft. I was a lil nervous to get a hard toy, yet I've been reading that its best to get hard ones because of the teething process. Is this true? Also, are nyla bones a good chew starter for my pup?

    Thank you for any feedback!

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  • SayaSaya
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    I have nylabone probably three maybe four of them since we have Saya and Bella.. I need get couple new ones and throw the older one out soon..

    My dogs have variety of toys fleece rope toys, the basic type rope toy, plushies of all kinds from dragon, dinosaur to teddy bears..

    Frozen wash cloth helped during teething. Bella took to it quickly and chewed on it while Saya it took her some time I had put tiny bit of peanut butter on it to get her to chew on it once she chewed it she didn't need any more peanut butter she loved chewing it during teething. Bit messy so I always gave it on the dog's fleece blanket.

    I only use dog balls for fetching as I don't want the dog to chew on it and destroy it.

    Kong is nice toy if you stuff it with kibble and then put peanut butter on top then freeze it then it makes nice toy to keep the pup busy for a little bit and make a nice way to feed meals..

    if dog doesn't like peanut butter you can use caned dog food or plain greek yogurt..

    Say loves all three.

    Tricky treat ball and kong wobbler are another two items that make feeding a meal more interactive and works the dog during meal Coarse those two things are only out during dinner and breakfast.

    Stuffing can be an issue as some dogs love to de stuff toys. There are stuffing less toys too..

    Bella loves to pull it out. :\ Which I just toss the stuffing and squeaker and let her still have the toy.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • Thanx for the great info, I'm going out with my puppy shopping Friday! This info will.come in handy!!
  • Sorry to necro an old thread, but I thought it would be helpful to other new puppy owners. I'm looking to adopt a Shiba pup in ~three months if all goes well with the breeder's next two expected litters *crosses fingers* and my boyfriend and I have already started buying necessities and toys in preparation. ^^;; Here's the list we made after looking at various websites for tips -

    Kong for puppy - Medium
    - Hoping this is the right size for a Shiba. The Small looked really small and I was worried about it becoming a choking hazard by 3 months age.
    Kong toy - Medium - for when he/she grows older.
    Kruuse Buster Soft Mini Cube Feeder - a soft plastic dice toy the puppy can push around to make treats fall out. I also wanted the Kong wobbler but we haven't bought it yet.
    KONG Air Dog Squeakair Tennis Balls Dog Toy, medium - we wanted something a bit more durable than normal tennis balls for fetch (we won't let the puppy chew these unsupervised).
    Old plushies - my bf has a collection of old & ratty plushies that we plan to give to the dog under supervision (so he/she doesn't eat the stuffing).
    Himalayan Dog Chew, Small - Heard great things about these - not stinky, messy, and a chew that can occupy a dog for hours.
    Nylabone Dura Chew Regular Original Flavored Wishbone Dog Chew Toy - We heard a lot of good things about Nylabone but then when looking at their puppy bones, I saw lots of reviews on Amazon about pieces coming off and choking the dog :\ The wishbone seemed most reliable of Nylabone's stuff, though I worry about it being too big for an 8 month old.
    We were also particularly enamored by the Trixie Pet Products puzzle toys (I like the idea of anything that works the dog's brain, though these would def require supervision as there are small pieces), and we'll probably also get some kind of tug toy/knot chew and a benebone. JW Pet Company MegaLast Ball Dog Toy, Medium was recommended to us as well.

    Freezing the washcloths is a really good idea, I'll have to add that to the list.
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  • @Biohazardia - I talked about some of the food toys I've tried in my Ponyo diary. She definitely loves the squeaker balls, but doesn't really care about stuffed plushies. You never know what your puppy's preference will be so don't go overboard lol. We also stayed away from flavored plastic chews and giver her stuff like bully sticks, ears, trachea chews, etc. We tried the Himalayan chews but she's impartial to them. I found that most chew things don't smell well Ponyo chews on them, as she doesn't salivate all over everything, but we have to put them away if another breed comes around because then it starts to stink.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Make sure the old stuffed toys don't have like plastic eyes that can be choking hazards... I'm wary of using stuffed toys that aren't designed for dogs ha.

    I have the kong wobbler and also the smarter IQ ball. The kong wobbler seems more durable (smarter IQ is plastic) but also a lot easier. Ozzy finishes his food in like 5 minutes with that one while the IQ ball takes a good 15 minutes when set at its max difficulty. Even though it's less durable, I prefer the smarter IQ ball. Ozzy LOVES it lol. Also have several trixie puzzle toys which are really fun! But he also figures them out SO fast lol. I want to get some Nina Ottoson ones (ordered one for his upcoming birthday). Ozzy loves puzzle toys, it's just hard to keep it challenging cus he figures them out very quickly.

    He really likes Himalayan chews and those squeaky Kong balls as well. He loves the kong cozy stuffed animals. Also it was very useful for my boyfriend and I to each have a pocket toy that we kept in our pockets lol. So when we saw him wanting to approach something he shouldn't, we could intercept his focus with the pocket toy, and encourage him to play with that before developing bad habits like chewing on the remote or furniture or shoes. It was also very useful on walks. He also enjoys tugging rope toys and many different textured balls. He's all about fetch and loves having a variety of balls to play with. As a puppy, he was not very interested in balls at all though. Now he's pretty obsessed with the chuck it and its variety of balls ha.

    For chew snacks we like honest kitchen beams and sometimes bully springs. Ozzy doesn't like bully sticks all that much but he likes the spring shaped ones sometimes lol. And chicken feet. :P His favorite are the Himalayan chews, and they also last the longest. They're a very good deal on Amazon. Like 3 medium sized ones for $20. We ordered that a month ago and are on the second chew now haha. We don't get many nylabones or chews like that, but we've gotten a few. He had the dinosaur nylabone and the benebone, but I always make sure he only has those ones when supervised cus I'm always worried about him tearing off chunks and causing blockages or something. Though he's actually a very patient, responsible chewer who spits the stuff out and makes a mess lol. But I'm still cautious.
  • JuniJuni
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    If you guys are on Pinterest there are a lot of info on how to make your own toys, also puzzle types. I've gotten some great ideas to keep Juni occupied and challenged lately.
  • rubyruby
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    Thanks. I just looked and there are tons!
  • Wanted to throw in a couple other toys to this list that I've tried with my Shiba puppy Kiko (now 11 weeks old).

    Kong Biscuit Ball Large - at first I was worried that this was a little too big (in retrospect, I would probably get the smaller size), but she actually likes shoving her jaw in the openings, haha. Good for a short distraction, but I think it is too easy for her to get the biscuits out.

    Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel (Junior size) - I freakin' love this toy. It is adorable. The chipmunks might be a little small for her when she gets older (this is a toy I might size up in, if you are interested), and this is definitely one to only be used under supervision (I put it up when we're not playing with it), but Kiko loves it. You can toss the chipmunks, or hide them in the stump and she loves pulling them out and "killing" them.

    CET VeggieDents - my breeder recommended these, and she seems to enjoy gnawing on them. A small stick can still last her a couple days. Plus they are good for her teeth.

    She is also obsessed with shredding cardboard. If she puts her teeth on a box I don't want her to shred, I usually give her an "uh-uh", and offer her a "sanctioned" piece of cardboard to chew instead. Paper towel rolls are a favorite.

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