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lumpy shiba inu
  • inubakainubaka
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    Question for those of you who have older shibas - are lumps common? At what age?

    My male shiba - Kit - has developed two fatty lumps over the last couple of months. He isn't overweight and is still really active, goofy and healthy. He's only six years old, so I guess I was just a little concerned about how early these lumps are developing. They are located on the upper sides of his stomach, right below the rib cage. I had our vet do a needle aspiration on the lumps, no infection or cancer sells present.

    I've had lumpy dogs - a beagle of unknown age & origin, a 12yr old rat terrier mix, and a 11yr old pit bull. But this is the first shiba lump I've seen! We had a senior shiba about 2 years ago, but he had no lumps.

  • Hmmm.....don't know. My Shibas are 8 and 7 and do not have any. I know some dogs do get them--my GSD had them at about 9 or 10. But none of my NKs do. And 6 is only middle aged for a Shiba!

    What does the vet say? I mean, I'm glad it's not cancerous, but do they think this is unusual at this age?

    I don't even really know what causes them, to be honest.

    (So yeah, I'm no help at all, but keep us posted!)
  • tatonkatatonka
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    Can ya post a picture? I'm having a hard time imagining this.

    Also, is your Inu named "Baka"? Lol
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    Jen, Bella has had a couple of small fatty tumours (lumps) over the past year. She just turned 7. I did have the vet look at them, and she said they are benign and should disappear on their own, which they did. Hopefully this will be the case with Kitsune, too.
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Hey Jen!

    I haven't really heard of fatty tumors being an issue in Shibas, but at least they are benign.
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  • If a dog has a propensity towards it then the tumors will crop up from time to time. They are not visually easy to see but more easily felt under the hair and skin folds. One of my old Shibas from yrs ago had these around 8 yrs of age.

    We had one removed from the abdomen and it resurfaced again so she had a second surgery given it was so large.

    Be sure to keep an eye on it and not allow to grow too large. They can be really fibrous and don't always go away.

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  • Our older shiba Tsunami got fatty lumps (lipomas) right up until she passed. She had two fairly large ones, about the size of golf balls. The vet told us to just keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't start limping as one was in her armpit area and we didn't want it pressing on the brachial nerve there. Because she had very serious allergies, we tried to keep any kind of surgery to a minimum, so we elected not to have them removed as they didn't bother her.

    So just keep an eye on them, and if they have one, they are more likely to develop more, so don't be alarmed. :) Just make sure the vet checks them for you.
  • Koi developed a fatty lump within the last few months (she's 10). Her vet told us that as long as it's soft, squishy and can be moved around - it shouldn't be of a concern. Naturally she told us to keep an eye on it and if it grows substantially that we should consider a biopsy but at the moment - it's holding steady.
  • Has anyones Shibas ever gotten any kind of lumps like this one. It swells sometimes when he goes outside or when we shower him. The doctor said it wasn't anything to be too worried about but I just wanted some advice about what to do with it. It doesn't bother him or anything like that its kind of just there. Only when we put peroxide water and it kind of bothered him, he didn’t cry though. I’m not sure if I should stop him from licking it or something. I honestly don't even know what the doctor said the name was, she just said that since he's still a puppy (he’s about to turn a year) that it cant be anything too serious that to just keep an eye on it.

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  • zandramezandrame
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    @Karinaangeles, ouch that looks painful! How long has it been like that? Can't really tell from the pic, but is there any oozing/pus? My old dog occasionally got foxtails embedded in his paws and it would swell and look like that - they have to be surgically removed.

    It definitely looks inflamed, whatever it is, and the color indicates infection. If he's licking it, you'll need to stop him (cone or something). Instead of peroxide, use something like chlorhexidine to keep it clean. I'm surprised the vet did nothing... I suggest you get a second opinion!

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