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Black and Tan Shiba Inu Mix in New Mexico
  • pekupekupekupeku
    Posts: 119
    A darling, beautiful little boy needs a home. He is in Albuquerque, NM. If you are interested, please send a message to Cynthia at
  • Well, I'm in NM, but can't take him, as I have four dog already. There is no dedicated Shiba rescue in NM, but if you are in contact with this person, please get them in contact with Shiba rescue. I was able to find a place for a Shiba in NM through Red of NorCal Shiba rescue (in this case, the Shiba ended up finding a home and did not have to go into rescue, but they were able to find a place for him in the NV shiba rescue). A posting on Shibaholics FB page would be a good place to get in touch with Shiba rescue people.

    Also, they can do a courtesy listing on the National Shiba Rescue webpage. Please encourage them to contact rescue organizations.

    Also, to list him here, it would be useful to know more about this dog. How old is he? Does he get along with other animals? Why are they giving him up? Etc.

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  • MacMac
    Posts: 61
    The shiba scout rescue is Colorado based. Mostly northern CO though so not sure hiw he would get up here.
  • pekupekupekupeku
    Posts: 119
    He is actually rescued by the Southern Arizona Shiba Inu Rescue but they asked me to help find someone local so that he won't have to be transported back to Arizona. From what I understand, he has escaped their backyard many times and the family has several dogs and children and can't handle him. He is sweet and of good temperament.

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