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neighbors dogs
  • We just bought and moved into our new home 2 weeks ago. It has been a wonderful thing, especially for our shiba. She loves having a yard to zoom around in. Our problem, or potential problem is the neighbors behind us. We have a 6 foot privacy fence but there are places where kishi can get her nose through. There are 3 pit bulls behind us. One in a run and 2 free in the yard. They are outside all the time and I have only seen the owner briefly when he cleans up his yard.

    I'll start by saying I have no problems with pit bulls. They are wonderful dogs. These 3, however are extreamly dog reactive. I feel if they ever got through the fence they would kill her. As soon as Kishi is let out in the yard the barking, growling, and throwing themselves up against the fence begins and it doesn't end until she goes back inside. They kept this up for a solid hour the other day. I am not sure how to handle this situation. The dogs don't appear to be human aggressive at all. I worry about Kishi being back there and it is just plain annoying to not be able to have some peace when we are all outside together. How would you guys handle this situation? Any advice? At our last house we lived in our neighbors had 2 outdoor american bulldogs. Wonderful dogs but high prey drive. They dug under our fence and killed our rabbits. They also did the same to our neighbors little dog so you can understand why I am a bit jumpy about these things. Kishi is never unsupervised but it is a big yard and I am not a quick runner.
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    Sounds like a rough situation. Have you discussed your concern with the neighbor?
  • No I haven't. We just moved in and don't really know anyone. I have waved before and just been stared at. Not getting friendly vibes. It appears no one is home during the day. I never see anyone until after 7pm if at all.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    I would go talk with the neighbors over the fence or at their front door.

    When I moved in, I introduced myself to the neighbors on the shared fence side which was old and too short (they had a beagle who would squeeze thru and poo in my yard) and mentioned that I wanted to keep my place neat and tidy and help keep the street appeal up so they wouldn't have anything ugly to look at, and shared with them some of the property repairs I was planning.

    I have a Caucasian Ovcharka and Shibas, and I took the fall a bit and said I didn't want them to be bothered by my dogs at all (even though THEIR dogs were the dogs who were trespassing and pooing in MY yard). I mentioned getting a secure fence between the two properties after gently frightening them with some stories about how big and mean CO can be (Grym is a softy!) and asked them if they had a preference for type of materials and what they would be happy with to look at.

    We mutally agreed to share the cost of a 6 ft cedar privacy fence and I showed them bids and invited them to the bid meetings, and I reinforced my side with horse fence all around after the cedar went up. The neighbor was actually overseeing the building when I couldn't be there, and he felt that he was being very helpful :) They are super nice and retired and always home, so it's in my interest to be friendly and on good terms with them. I always wave to my neighbors when I see them and ask how they are doing and if my dogs are bothering them. It's really important to keep good communication going with neighbors, especially as I live in a more rural area and we have to help each other sometimes during bad weather and power outages. 1 of my 4 neighbors (who have a mastiff they let roam all around) has been difficult even so, so I made sure my fence on that side has extra field fencing reinforcement.

    If I were you, I would also take steps on my own and buy t-posts and a roll of field fence to install inside your property, then inform your neighbors that there will be some construction at the fence as you noticed their dogs poke their heads thru sometimes and you want to keep THEIR dogs from getting injured, maybe go so far to say your "Akita" doesn't like other dogs so you want to prevent any fights. Just my thoughts.
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  • SayaSaya
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    If Kishi can get her nose through it would there be a way you could reinforce it so she can't?

    I'd hate for her get in a fence fight with the dog or get bitten somehow.

    Since the dogs are out all the time my guessing the owner never walks the three? Probably why they're so nutty.

    I have two bad neighbors too one has a lab/mix and dachshund both bark constantly when out they're put on tie outs and never goes for walks. Sometimes they let the lab/mastiff mix which goes nuts because she gets no exercise and runs all over sometimes in my yard.

    Other is a rat terrier who barks and charges when I walk by the owner's house luckily she is so afraid she runs away if I look at her.

    I was lucky never dealt with issues with other dogs barking or acting off with my dogs one neighbor had a Boston terrier mix he didn't make much noise luckily, but he'd escape the yard and run the neighborhood a lot. :\

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  • TengaiTengai
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    I would just put up another stronger fence along their property.
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    I suggest what lindsay said, it's best to talk to your neighbors first about putting up a newer stronger fence up. You don't want to just start putting up a new fence with out their approval, it may seem like you are isolating yourself. Also maybe quick fix would be to put up a small barrier where your shiba won't be able to get so close to the fence.
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    I am going to echo @lindsay and @kumaDUDE. Build a relationship the best you can with the neighbor first. Keep it positive, but be ready to spend the cost of fixing/upgrading the fence. Do it in a way that says I am doing it as part of fixing up my new home I just moved into to ensure I can keep my dog from bothering you and your dogs.

    If you are afraid of dogs getting under the fence I would be sure to reinforce the fence by extending it down at least a foot or so into the ground and be sure there isn't any holes that allow for dogs on either side to poke even a nose through.

    Also depending on how your neighbor reacts as you try to build a relationship with them, you could maybe do some controlled socialization with the neighbor and their dogs to get a feel for what issues you may have if there is ever an occasion one gets out without supervision.
  • Thanks everyone. I will try and start up a dialogue next time I see him. I think I may put up an extra fence so that Kishi can't get to the back fence. She really just wants to play and we have only allowed her to play with very well socialized dogs. I think she thinks everyone and everything is her friend who wants to play with her and that could get her into trouble in this situation.
  • and these dogs are not walked, pet, or played with as far as I can see. It is very sad. I know there is a lot of frustration and pent up energy on their parts.
  • SayaSaya
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    That is so sad. :(

    My neighbor's lab/mastiff mix is barking now and with door shut I can hear her and she's is decent amount away not close at all. I'm kinda in country so we have decent bit of yard. I don't think being in country or letting the dog roam is an excuse to not walk a dog. Very frustrating especially when the owners want me to train their dog.

    I have my hands full with my own responsibilities and not enough time to deal with my dogs, work and someone else dog. I offered training classes I knew is good and so far I don't think they taken any advice and gone.

    I hope things work out keep your Kishi safe. Maybe he'll be friendly and not mind if you improve fencing or maybe he'll start walking the dogs.. Or maybe he'll keep ignoring the dogs. :\

    I do agree having good friendly relationship is good when being near neighbors.
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  • britkotsubritkotsu
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    Just an update on the situation. My husband fixed the privacy fence so there was no way Kishi could get her nose through and made sure everything was secure. Our neighbor was having serious issues with his 3 dogs fighting so now 2 are in a tiny solid bottom pen 24/7. The female is out in the yard. He is a truck driver and hardly ever home.
    Well yesterday afternoon I was gardening and my 3yr old and Kishi were playing together in the sandbox. I heard Kishi going crazy. I turned around and saw the neighbors dog's head under our fence trying to shove her way through. I grabbed my kid and called Kishi inside. Thank God she listened. I went to the patio to grab my phone and the dog charged me. I was able to get inside but she stood at my patio door growling and barking. I know body language in a dog. I really think she would have bitten us.
    I called animal control. 4 hours later they were out. By then the dog had gone back home. The AC officer kept her busy while my husband filled up the hole. The officer said having seen how she was reacting she saw our yard as her own and was protecting it from us. It terrifies me that my 3yr old or dog could have been hurt. We filed a formal complaint. Having said that we finally got a hold of our neighbor last night. He was so apologetic. He promised he would keep the dog in the garage while he couldn't supervise her until he could build her her own pen. Now I am torn. That is one more dog stuck in a tiny little pen walking in their own filth. It breaks my heart to see animals kept that way but I guess better that than someone getting hurt.

  • SayaSaya
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    That must been scary glad you got your kid and dog inside the house.

    If I ever own a house with a fenced yard I'm going to make it like a fort no one get in or out of it not even over or under. Saya is a digger so dig guards would be best for her she isn't a climber luckily.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • Put up some wire fencing against the other fence (try to bury part of it so they can't dig under) and string hot wire all along the bottom in between so your dog won't get hit, but any dog poking its head under will. The dogs will kill your dog and might try for your kid too. It doesn't sound like they are nice dogs at all.
    Honestly, if I was having this problem, I would not go outside without a weapon of some kind. I would not trust the neighbor to always remember to put the dog away. When he's around do the dogs still ram the fence?
  • Gene23Gene23
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    This is a horrible situation. Glad you were able to avoid the dog. Although the neighbor is being understanding and is apologetic, the arrangement that he has right now is not acceptable at all.

  • That is so scary! One of the people up the street has two dogs like this--gorgeous dogs, but seriously dog reactive, and I know they would kill one of mine if they ever got out. I always carry pepper spray when I walk now (because the dogs HAVE gotten out before!)

    I'm sorry that this guy is going to pen his dogs up like that, but you do have to keep your dog and family safe, so I guess if that's what it takes.....I wonder if you could also put in a double barrier so your dog can't even get to the fence to bark at the others? That might help cool things down a bit too. We had to do that with our neighbors on two sides (though it was my Shiba who went under the fence, and when she got in the other yard she just freaked and couldn't figure out how to get back--we had to rescue her!)

    I'm so sorry this happened....scary!
  • GatsuGatsu
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    I live in a bad area, and the number 1 dog around here is defiantly pitbulls. The problem was all of them are dog reactive. So many people have them in my neighborhood. So when I was younger and I had a husky, I had 3 pitbulls jump their 4 foot fence, and attack my husky. It made it incredibly difficult to walk my dog. I'm just glad my husky never got seriously hurt.
  • BootzBootz
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    @britkotsu, WOW thats scary >_<<br />
    since we're on this topic....Hypothetically speaking if the dog came lunging and you injured/kill the dog, is that considered self-defense? Or will they be able to press charges against you? Same question if you were walking your dog and the attacking dog is offleash....
  • This varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but generally one is allowed to use proportional force in defense of one's property (it's a common law principle). Whether force is proportional or not at common law comes down to whether it's nonlethal (whether it would kill or maim a person). Animals are generally considered property for this purpose. However, each state almost certainly has variations on this that are embodied in one or more statutes.

    So the answer is that you probably could, but you need to look at the laws of your state specifically.

    Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. If you want legal advice, talk to a lawyer licensed to practice in your state.
  • If dogs are attacking livestock, in most states it is legal to shoot them. That's why it's so important not to let your dog roam.
  • @ Bootz IF ANY PIT OR ROT came in my yard unattended it will not end well..end of story. Same if I was walking and an unattended or attended ^%*)(&* dog ran at will not end well for that dog.
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  • BootzBootz
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    Lol. I wouldn't go to that extreme unless they show aggression. I have met some offleash dogs that don't have collars so i'll have to look up California laws....just in case
  • I don't get why it's always the pits and rotts who people say this about. So if a GSD comes in your yard it's ok? Or a lab? I mean come on, any loose dog can be a problem. :|
  • britkotsubritkotsu
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    My husband won't let me go out in the backyard without a gun anymore. My yard is already quite small so I was really hoping to not have to put up another fence but I might need to. I also didn't know how to put fencing in the ground under the fence when the pit was always there trying to get at us. When the owner is in the backyard the dogs are so happy to see him they don't pay anything else any bother.

    Pits aren't the problem. It is stupid dog owners. At our old house we had a beautiful pit and american bulldog that used to break into our yard to play with our collie. They were very friendly so it wasn't a big deal. I would just fill up holes, and then take them back to their owners. We are in city limits so there are so many rules and regulations about what you can and can't do. It gets very confusing and a bit rediculous at times. Basically the AC lady said unless the dog has actually bitten us or we have solid proof we were in danger of serious harm we can't harm the dog in any way. The owner gets a 1st warning and up to a $100 fine for breaking the leash law. If the dog is found in our yard again he gets a second warning and up to a $200 fine. Then the dog can be taken away on the 3rd offense. I tell you what though, if I feel my family is in danger I'll do whatever I have to.

    I just hate that this young dog will probably spend the rest of its life going crazy in a tiny pen. I wish there were at least laws about how much space a dog needs to have if kept outside.

  • I would hate to live in those conditions - so sorry...

    Do you have space/money to do masonry?? One of our GSD's we had growing up used to chew through very thick wood fences/gates...She was an incredible escape artist...I just would not feel comfortable with a plain wood fence seeing how a determined and strong dog can get through wood...(one of her chew toys was a pretty big log)

    OR I'd do what others have suggested and do a separate fence on your side with some electric thing between....and bury something metal underground to prevent digging...

  • SayaSaya
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    If dogs are attacking livestock, in most states it is legal to shoot them. That's why it's so important not to let your dog roam.

    Same for chasing deer a dog could be shot doing that..

    I've had so many off leash issues with lab, golden retriever, and great Pyrenees it's crazy.

    I've had one run in with a chow chow, but Pearly my boxer sent him/her packing she was a young dog, but was able to fend off the big chow chow without getting hurt.

    I had a lot of issues with small yappy dogs too charging and barking luckily they have brains as they don't get too close.

    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)

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