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humorous pooping behavior
  • BarrowBarrow
    Posts: 69
    Deshka is now almost five months old and ever since we have had her (from 7 weeks) she has been the perfect weathervane when pooping. She points her nose downwind and poops upwind. This has been extremely consistant behavior. Since we live on the tundra there are no trees, hills, bushes, or anything taller than about 6 inches; but, there is a lot of wind (and snow this time of year). Has anyone else noticed a similar behavior with their Shibas when the wind is blowing?
  • I'll have to pay more attention to the wind next time but interesting thought. Update to come.
  • KimuraKimura
    Posts: 191
    Oh that's cute!! I'll have to pay attention to see...
    So far Kimura is a little neurotic about where she poos. She often stops and gets in position only to decide it's not quite the right spot...
  • redcattooredcattoo
    Posts: 1960
    I have never paid attention to that ... often though it takes Bear a mile or two of what I call poo walking off and on (off the road in the grass about 3-4 feet walking slightly sideways to direction of travel and sniffing). It is actually quite funny watching him walk through lawns almost sidestepping as he decides where to poo.
  • So onyx likes to spin, and I mean 3 full rotations during one poo session. He basically likes to trap himself in a poo barrier so he has to jump for freedom when he finishes. Also he has developed a spastic, "victory dance" when he is done. Kinda like how some dogs try to cover it, he kicks all 4 legs off rhythm as to say "whoooooooh! I feel gooooood"
  • RikkaRikka
    Posts: 1501
    Yeah, Sagan does that too, @redcattoo. There's an area within a park that's nearby where he's guaranteed to poop, but as we're there, he will seriously just walk up and down, side to side, left and right, or even circles the whole park and then finally pick a spot. Sometimes I'll even stand still for a full minute or two watching him pace back and forth on the leash, and then he'll do his business. o.O
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  • So my shiba only poops in one area (the length of a block) for only 2-3 weeks. He will only poop in that area but after a few weeks he will not poop in that area no matter what. I have walked him up and down that area to see if he poops but he won't and he keeps pulling me across the street, and as soon as we cross the street to the other grassy area, he poops immediately. Then after a few weeks in that area, he will want to go to another block, and so on so forth. I am running out of places to take him. He is also very picky about his area, he will get in position, and get up a few times, or move in circles while in position. Does anyone elses shiba only poop in an area for a few weeks?
  • DebDeb
    Posts: 286
    My three always have their tail to the wind for pooping. AND, on top of a bare hill with tail toward the wind is even better! I'm sure there is a reason, I guess they can watch downwind for possible trouble while hunched up and smell anything approaching behind them. Kind of a safety proceedure while their pants are down around their ankles, so to speak? I think the two week disenchantment over a favorite poop spot has to do with a natural hardwired avoidance of disease and pests even though we are picking up any poop deposits immediately. Mother cats move kittens every two weeks supposedly to avoid pests such as fleas in the bedding, I'm told. We can only guess about the pooping into the wind business as well as the two week time limit for potty areas, 'cause they're not telling their secrets.
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  • MacMac
    Posts: 61
    My guy has no weird pooping behavior but the foster I started watching this weekend is weird. He wil stand on all for tip toes and arch his back as high as possible and walk the whole time he is going. Its so awkward that i really think one little twig and he will trip and fall over. We think he is mostly Shiba but a has some chihuahua in him. I'm guessing his behavior come from that side. My Shiba just stands their watching him with this look on his face like he is embarrassed to be seen with the foster.
  • AnnaAnna
    Posts: 621
    @Mac Hammond does the back arch thing. He won't walk, but his front and back paws are almost on top of each other.

    Whenever he poops he immediately LEAPS away from it, Superman style, does his ridiculous kick-shuffle dance (and occasionally hits a wet leaf and face-plants), then circles back to sniff his accomplishment.

    Also, this is borderline gross, but it makes me laugh: His tail bobs when he's finishing pooping and it reminds me of those old Playdough factory things where you press the lever down to push out/cut off the Playdough. Somtimes it'll look like he's done pooping but his tail is still bobbing, so I wait and sure enough there's a tiny bit more poop.
  • redcattooredcattoo
    Posts: 1960
    @Anna, that sounds so much like Bear's pooing style, even the tail bobbing. Had to laugh at the image of it being like those Playdough factory toys.

    One day though after Bear finished he didn't leap far enough away from his pile and when he started his kick-shuffle dance he managed to kick a wad of poo up onto my shirt. That was soooo gross, but looking back probably so funny to anyone who saw it.
  • AnnaAnna
    Posts: 621
    @reccattoo Hahahaha, gross. I would easily be in danger of that, but I learned long ago to never stand behind Hammond.

    When he was a little puppy he had a bad reaction to some chicken treats I was giving him. And by 'bad reaction' I mean 'fire-hose strength diarrhea shooting out several feet behind him'. Once close call with that and now whenever he stops, whether to sniff, poop, or pee, I move to his side rather than behind him, haha.
  • redcattooredcattoo
    Posts: 1960
    @Anna, I usually move to the side, the problem in that occasion was his hop put him a different direction than he had been in when pooing and that new direction put me right at dead aim LOL .... very glad it wasn't fire hose diarrhea .... eeewwwww
  • MacMac
    Posts: 61
    Ha the poop pump tail sounds funny!
  • My dog Tsunami used to do that with her tail after a poop. Jibo walks while he poops, and he's all hunched over. It makes it tricky to clean up after him since I have to search for it. LOL... he also does what my family calls the poopy dance afterwards where he kicks his legs and shuffles around. And then he fake pees. He stands there like a statue with one leg delicately held up in the air. And he stands there forever before deciding he's done.
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  • BarrowBarrow
    Posts: 69
    thanks for sharing! some of these comments resulted in me laughing so much that Deshka provided me the "quizzical" look.......
  • My Charley spins before he poops, like 6-10 rotations before he finally starts pooping. It is soooo strange-looking, I'm almost embarrassed when he does it in front of strangers because to them it probably looks like he's having seizure, but it is extremely hilarious. @Anna, he also does the tail-bob thing, as well as the whole rejoicing when he's done.
  • jimjim
    Posts: 55
    My Niki pooted a high pitched little fart a couple days ago, and spun her head around to look at where the sound came from. It was hilarious; she had that curious expression that says "what the hell was that?"
  • zandramezandrame
    Posts: 1106
    Kouda has always been a picky pooper.. within the first couple of weeks he refused to go in the back yard - he will pee there, but if he has to poo, he won't even pee. Then he graduated to a grassy hill close behind the house, then to a grassy lawn a little farther away.

    But as of last week, he refuses to poop on grass! Like grass is reserved for playing only or something. If we take him to a grassy spot and wait, he will just stand there and whine like we are torturing him. His preference now is to poop on ivy or short shrub coverings. There is one patch of ivy he likes (at least for now), but the ivy makes it hard to find the poop amongst the vines. We've actually resorted to catching them as he drops them, which is mostly successful except when he tries to walk and poop at the same time.

    He's also now, twice in a row, pooped and peed at the same time, getting his belly all wet in the process. :-S
  • jennajenna
    Posts: 154
    LOL. This whole thread had me laughing out loud!

    My girls don't have any strange pooping behavior, but Snick RUNS FROM HIS POOP as soon as it is out, like it's going to jump up and bite him. The last piece usually falls about 6 inches from the rest because he takes off running before it's completely out.

    He actually BROKE A LEASH on 39th Street in Manhattan one morning doing his poop run and he was half a block away before he slowed down and realized he'd left me and his foster sister, Penny, behind. (Thankfully, he came back, although he danced around out of reach after he got back to me and I had to dive to catch him.)
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  • ArcticArctic
    Posts: 513
    Sansa won't poop in our yard :( She's held it up to a whole day rather than go there. So now she poops as soon as we get around the corner from my house.

    She does the arched-back walk. She arches her back and walks around while she poops, never standing still. I thought this was so weird at first, but now I'm used to it.
  • ZeusZeus
    Posts: 24
    Zeus tends to look back at his rear end while pooping.. I like to think that he is wondering what is going on back there!! ;)
  • BarrowBarrow
    Posts: 69
    Update: Now that Deshka has experienced her first Arctic Summer we have discovered her pooping behavior is extremely constant in another way! She poops an average of twice a day after we walk an average of 400 steps (1200 feet) on the tundra.....she is as consistent as a Swiss watch! (You know the poop walk is boring when you count your steps!)
  • Hachi's picky when it comes to picking his poo spots...sometimes he hunches and I see his poo sticking out but he just sucks it back in (last minute decision?) and continues searching for the PERFECT spot. I swear, it has to be the perfect lighting, contrast, angle, setting, mood and everything!!! He does a nose dive, shuffles back and forth...kind of snorts/grunts...if it's not acceptable he'll move on, if it is he hunches his back and stands on his tippy toes. He has a habit of turning his head and watching his poo come out. After he poops he will leap out...some days he'll feel inspired to attempt to do the Shiba 500...unfortunately since he's on a leash he can't really do it, haha.

    I feel like a weirdo :) I'm always looking out for the "butthole flashing signal" to see if he needs to poo and I'm always analyzing his poo and giving updates to my boyfriend about how the consistency is...haha, he could probably careless!
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
    Posts: 2482
    Kira straightens her tail when she pushes out her poops - when it's really dark, it's the most obvious sign that she is doing her business!

    @milkybunny - I am also guilty of watching for the "butthole flashing signal" so you aren't the only weirdo!

    My boyfriend and I have decided that our relationship has officially progressed to the next level because we both talk about the frequency and consistency of Kira's poops. Our conversations over the phone while the other is at work goes something like, "She pooped around noon, it was a firm, long one" :))
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  • redcattooredcattoo
    Posts: 1960
    Haha @Kira_Kira me and my husband know we have progressed to the next level too as one of our daily discussions involves has our dogs poo'd and if so what the consistency was.

    Especially now that they are on raw diets my husband knows I want regular poo reports as it is important to knowing if I need to adjust their bone content.

    I still haven't figured out any consistency in time or manner of when they poo. Sometimes it takes over a mile for my one boy to finally figure out he needs to poo, he also can go 5 minutes or more into a morning walk not peeing and then let out a long 45+ second pee. All I know is I still am dogging his post poo need to fling around the ground with his hind legs that has in the past put me in target line when I wasn't paying enough attention.
  • My oldest shiba is super neurotic of where she goes to poop. I got her as a puppy (8 weeks) and couldn't figure out for the longest time why she was pooping. After a couple of days, I was about to throw my hands up and go to the vet. After deciding to walk her outside, she immediately jumped into a bush of jasmine plants (super fragrant plants) and pooped. I continued to live there for another year, and that was the ONLY place she would go to poop. After I moved, she found an equivalent plant that she could poop in: English ivy. No joke. Talk about a picky! Thankfully, my second shiba isn't like that.
  • Kobi also does the poop dance. 90% of the time he has to poop in tall grass. He will then to the spin 6-10 times before pooping. He then has to jump or run away from his poop. Which I should have known....because this morning after doing his business the leash got wrapped around a blackberry vine and he literally pulled it out from ground and the thorns got stuck into my hand!

  • dhelsingdhelsing
    Posts: 67
    I love this thread! Every new comment is guaranteed to make me chuckle, so I check back periodically.

    Our two Shibas, both SIRA puppy mill rescues, are complete opposites when it comes to pooping habits - and pretty much everything else. Our new little man, (a 7-month old tripaw) Jiro hunches and scrunches his whole body low to the ground and sticks his chin straight out when he is getting ready to poop. He teeters there for a sec, looking like it's taking every last bit of concentration and coordination to get started. And then he drops a major load. We have to time things carefully to watch when he's done, then pull him forward a few steps before the kicking starts (my husband calls it "peeling out") and we'll have to start dodging messy bullets. Interestingly, there's absolutely no discernable "flashing butthole" signs before hand.

    Michi, on the other hand (our oh-so-very-proper and composed 3 y.o. female) just squats and unloads in one very brief, fluid motion that if you look away, you'll totally miss. Her poops are usually so perfectly formed that they leave absolutely no trace behind after we bag them. "The Meech" also has a cast-iron constitution and a steel trap for a bladder. She can go 12 hours without peeing, and still play her best game of keep-away when it's time to go out. Then she'll walk for 10-15 minutes without peeing! She's a cool customer.
  • This past weekend, we were visiting a friend near Chicago and were out with friends walking the dog around town. It was about lunch time and Zim hadn't yet pooped that morning so someone asked if we should keep walking him or drop him off at the apartment and then go eat.

    My response: "Well, I don't think he has to go because we've been walking for a while and there's been no sign of the poop dance."

    One of my friends: "Wait, there's a poop dance?"

    Me and a friend who has walked the dog with me on several occasions: "Yes."

    Friend: "What does that even mean?"

    Me: "Well, whenever Zim poops, he starts circling and they circles get tighter and tighter and then he squats with his front feet practically on top of his back feet and does a final half turn or two before going. He usually starts doing the poop dance at least once and aborts in the middle before the perfect spot is identified."

    Our friends got a huge kick out of the idea/description of the poop dance.
  • ebumuebumu
    Posts: 10
    Griffin squeaks when he poops. At first I thought it was coming from the front end, but no, it is his butt that squeaks--a tiny 'ee.' Sometimes in the dark, walking on the road, I suddenly hear that creaky 'ee' and I know I have to get to the side of the road quick. Just one squeak and then poop. I love when he does his crazy kick dance, after which one back leg is sometimes left triumphantly suspended in midair, but it's rare.

    Ever since I have owned dogs --16 years-- I think I might have talked more about poop than any other single topic. Isn't that sad!
  • Zuki likes his privacy. He prefers tall grass. We had some friends over and we were playing frisbee with him....offleash as he has been good at not running off. Well, he grabs the frisbbee and takes off down the hillside! I took off after him and found him squatting in the tall grass with the frisbee in his mouth. When he was done he bolted back up to the house. To our pleasure he does not like going in the yard or anywhere out in the open if he can help it.

    One other thing he has done a few time which is just funny or he is just trying to be efficient, he will poop and wet at the same stop. He will finish one and then rock back or stand forward to do the other.
  • ZeroZero
    Posts: 6
    just like other Shibas, Zero likes to do a few spins before see poops and when she is done pooping for the walk, she will kick up as much grass as she can with her back legs.
  • Chewie sometimes done a handstand on his front paws while pooping....
  • AWE46M3AWE46M3
    Posts: 357
    It's humorous unless you're in any sort of hurry or in a public place where people are watching you walk back-and-forth with a dog half squatting doing circles...
  • Ok so sometimes when Kobe poops its like he gets excited and he takes off running right after and this is a problem because he is on a leash and to avoid him jerking I hold the leash to where he cant really run. He does so well on a leash this the only time I have trouble with him. I don't know how to fix this. I know I should use harness but he hates them and other than after pooping he does great
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  • HazelHazel
    Posts: 28
    Hazel makes a face when she poops. The corners of her mouth go back and her cheeks flatten and her ears tilt back. She really concentrates and thinks hard for this important and serious task.

    Just like @ilovemyshiba 's dog she will run around in glee once she's done. I just pull her away from the road and let her do some happy sprints for a couple of seconds before I pick up.
  • @ILoveMyShiba-My Quakey used to to run around like a madman right after pooping and I was concerned about it in terms of his jerking the leash especially in the winter when there is ice on the sidewalk. Also, one day he started running around and I wound up with a small turd on top of my shoe!! HA! HA! After that I trained him to stay put after pooping by commanding him "wait for Mum" right after he poops and offering him a treat. Then he waits patiently while I pick up the poop. I tell him, "thanks for waiting for Mum" right after I finish up and tell him "sit" and give him another treat as soon as he sits. This way he does not go out of control running around right after he poops.
  • Poop on the shoe is never fun lol. Thanks I'll try that, he already knows stay pretty well so I'll just teach him to stay after pooping
  • willgrahamwillgraham
    Posts: 34
    Winston will sometimes look back at his butt while pooping or he'll look at me with the most embarrassed "don't look at me!" expression on his face. Then he runs away from it as fast as he can. It's like he thinks he's too good for his own poop. Too clean. Too pure.

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