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suddenly scared of ...
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  • jelliesjellies
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    I read the first fear stage is a while ago - 8-11 weeks but he is getting on for 18 weeks old now. Stage 1 never occurred or if it did, it was before we got him at 8 weeks.

    The second is due at 6-14 months, so that would seem to be coming up?

    thing that confuses me a bit is his fear is so tied to this one area. I'm not noticing that he is any more cautious anywhere else, or in any other situation. He isn't "skittish" in general. More a very specific problem like he buried a body out there and doesn't want anything to do with it. Maybe a possum scared the daylights out of him, dunno.
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    @jellies, I have heard that smells can do this to a dog and it may just be a seasonal thing in the air. There just maybe a smell out there he does not like.

    Bear did a similar thing with our atrium that he has free access too for peeing and pooing. He all of a sudden went from loving to go out there and dig to showing fear to go out at all. I had to start pre-bed walks just to ensure he could poo before we went to bed.

    I spent a lot of time just hanging out in the area for a week or two and if Bear decided to investigate me being in the area reinforcing any movement to do so with his highest value treat reward, but never forcing him to stay. I am not sure this is what eventually changed his mind, but all of a sudden one day we found him out there happily digging and all has been fine since.

    I will be interested to know if it happens next September though (ie a seasonal smell).
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