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South Florida Agility Training Options?
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    As some are aware, I think Bear, my 10 month old male Shiba is taking quite well and liking the agility classes. We started them as just a fun training activity at Zoom Room in Coconut Creek, Florida. This is a good training center in my opinion. My understanding is that it is a franchise that was purchased by a Dad for their daughter, so is a family run center. The trainer is really nice, but I don't believe has any real agility competition background. I have no problems with the trainer, actually I think he is pretty good for normal dog owner training needs, but also am not sure we are getting the necessary foundation for a possible agility competition career?

    As I learn more, I want to be sure I am getting the correct foundation to ensure 1) Bear and I can continue to have fun with it, 2) Bear and I establish a good foundation to grow from, 3) I am doing it in a safe and healthy progression mentally and physically for Bear, and 4) I can establish a long term relationship that would provide solid guidance/mentoring if Bear and I become real good at it and chose to try to compete.

    If anyone has any recommendations for a good trainer/training center for agility within 20-30 miles of Tamarac, FL (this is in Broward County just west of Ft. Lauderdale area) I could really use some suggestions. Also if anyone has experience good or bad with training centers in this area I would greatly appreciate any insights. Thanks.