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Lapsing Socialization?
  • KCKC
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    Mochi, our 2 year old Shiba girl, has never been a fan anything out of the ordinary, or of other dogs. We have 2 elderly Basenjis at home that she tolerates, (i.e. has tried to murder once or twice, before we brought in a trainer and got our act together to prevent future attempts on their life). She has been through multiple levels of training classes, and has been "socialized" in as many public settings as we could manage, given her distaste for other canines. She is very loving to humans, even strangers, BTW.

    Lately we have noticed that she seems to be getting more freaked out by things that are not "normal", and by other dogs. If I move a peice of furniture and she comes into the room to find it has been moved without her permission, she freaks out a little - crouching low, avoiding the offensive item, flat ears, running from the room. Same thing if we are walking on the trail and there happens to be a peice of pipe on the sidewalk, or some other obstruction. Or we go to a new place. Also, she is far more sensitive to other dogs now. Our back fence is view fencing that looks over a walking trail where people frequently walk their dogs. She will lunge and bark at them and then run the fence with the dog if it is off-leash. There is no getting her to calm down, catching her, or getting her in the house when she starts doing that. She goes into crazy Shiba mode. She just seems to be regressing. I am wondering what to do about it - other than the obvious... keep exposing her to new things.
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Have a Vet evaluate her and especially check bloodwork and thyroid levels.
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    I 100% agree with @lindsayt. A little over a year ago, my youngest Shiba started acting stranger than normal, freaking out over nothing, getting a little growly with my older Shiba (whom she has always adored and gotten along with)... Not to scare you or anything, but in my case, it turned out to be complex partial seizures caused by a brain tumour.

    So definitely get her to the vet and get all her levels checked, especially the thyroid. Talk to your vet about EVERYTHING, even if it seems insignificant. And you might want to start a log, just to document how she reacts to certain things and when her worst episodes are.
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