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Funniest stuff said about Shibas
  • Pebbles got called a short haired Pomeranian on Saturday... >.<
  • RooneyRooney
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    Kiba0713 said:

    I got the 'miniature husky' question the other night. I think we should have shiba bingo boards or some kind of drinking game....

    With the building popularity of the Pomsky (a Pomeranian Husky mix that is still not a real breed). I'm surprised that people haven't started asking Shiba Inu black and tan owners if their dogs are Pomskies.
    Allison, Rooney's Mom
  • Oh man! A bra?! Come on! People are ridiculous. The most common thing we get is people arguing with us that she's clearly a mix between a German shepherd and a husky.

    We also have started to get random people that walk by if we bring her to a cafe saying, "oh my gosh she's going to be so big! About 80lbs right?!?" Then I think if she gets to 80 we are doing something wrong.

    A lot of questions about what is she... It normally takes 3 back and forths of:

    "She's a Shiba Inu"
    "A shibaboo?!"
    "No a shiba inu"
    "A shiba iboo"
    "No sheeeeba eeeeenooooo"

    Or some variation there of... And it's always while we're at dinner with The hubs' parents... With other dogs also with their families at dinner... But the people never stop and talk to the other dog owners... Just us. We know that she's gorgeous, but we are at dinner... And you're the 20th couple to stop and chat.... Please move forth so I can eat my spring rolls.

    I've taken to just telling people that she's a miniature cousin to an Akita when people look confused.

    The weirdest one was someone calling her a polar bear at pet smart.... I'm still trying to figure out how a b&t looks like a polar bear....
  • Rooney, I get that with some of my random followers on twitter... pomskies unfortunately do exist, but they are a far cry from the adorable pic of the Finnish lapphund puppy that everyone keeps pegging them for... They look like if a shiba and a klee Kai and a husky and a greyhound got together after a night of heavy drinking.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    They look like if a shiba and a klee Kai and a husky and a greyhound got together after a night of heavy drinking.


    I have gotten the "pomsky" comment a few times. The first time I heard it, I looked at the person like they were insane and said "WTF is that?". I had never heard of it before, and honestly think that sounds like a terrible TERRIBLE mix. So I Googled it and saw the photos... And I have to agree... They are tiny little fluff balls with bulging eyes. They look a little creepy. And I bet their temperament is horrible.
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  • RooneyRooney
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    @sunyata Because they're not a real breed and there is no breed standard yet, you have no idea what kind of temperament they're going to have. They could have all the best personality traits of huskies and pomeranians, or they could have all the worst... At least with a real breed that is centuries old like the Shiba Inu, you have a good idea what you're going to get.

    I did some research into them when considering what kind of dog to get, but it just seemed nuts to pay breeder/purebred prices for what is at this point a mutt.

    Allison, Rooney's Mom
  • I got a bad one yesterday. Was walking Fen and a guy said "What kind of dog is that? Is that a Pug?"


    Love everyone's posts - was cracking up at some of the comments!!!
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    From a "Shiba Inu owner" at the Celtic festival and Highland Games in Richmond, Va last month:

    Crazy B*tch: You should have your dog DNA tested

    Me: Why do you say that? (I knew this would not end well, but I wanted to know what her response would be, glutton for punishment)

    Crazy B*tch: Because Vanilla Shibas don't exist

    I won't go into details about the remainder of the conversation but I will tell you that she's lucky I had only consumed one alcoholic beverage at the time.

    Part of me hopes that this ignorant moron joins the forum one day and reads this. I doubt it though, she claimed to own two Shibas and I can't imagine she was knowledgeable or had the desire to become so...
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  • JuniJuni
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    Vanilla was quite a nice description of the colour though... :) My neighbour called Juni champagne coloured, I thought it sounded pretty posh ;-)
  • RooneyRooney
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    Rooney and I were walking tonight and ran into this guy who has an old Golden, whom we've met 4-5 times now. I swear I've already talked to him already about Rooney's breed, but he busts out with a "So is he a miniature..."

    I cut him off before he could get any farther. "No. He's a Shiba Inu. They're a centuries old breed that originated in Japan."
    Allison, Rooney's Mom
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  • wait . . . .

    Did I read on here that someone thought that a Shiba was a CAT???? :))
  • LiloLilo
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    A couple of times when Yoshi was a small pup, before he had his full vaccinations, we took him out in a doggie carrier bag so he could have a look at the area without going on the ground. Once we met a lady and her young son. The lady was super fascinated by Yoshi but she was very odd. She immediately burst out "he looks very expensive" and then she tried to coax her son closer to take a look (he waited a meter behind her). When her son didn't want to come up she then shrugged and said happily to us "well sorry, he is a bit scared of cats". Then she walked off.

    So there we stood with our expensive looking cat in a bag. Laughing our heads off... :D

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  • kvmetkvmet
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    expensive looking cat in a bag

    All of the cat comments make me curious about how successful a breeder would be if they tried to sell them as cats. How long would it take some of these people to finally start thinking and say, "Wait a minute, is this actually a dog?!"
  • Fen is looking at me like I lost my mind since I am positively CRACKING UP at the last 2 comments!!!!

    Cat in a bag! LOVE it!!!
  • EsexxEsexx
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    Love this thread.

    I don't pick up my guy for a few weeks, but expecting some funny questions about the breed.

    I have a "different" sense if humor, so who knows what will come out of my mouth.

    For example, I work for in the public service field and I never give anyone any personal information. I get asked all the time what race I am. I am clearly some type of Asian, but my response is usually Peruvian or Russian or something I between.
  • Hrm... going off the cat in a bag, I think I'm going to start telling people this when they ask what she is... I'll wave them closer, and I'll very quietly say, "shhhh, can you keep a secret? Well, I'm part of a government experimental military brigade. Did you see that movie with George Clooney and Jeff Bridges about the military goats?! It's like that, and she's actually - you'll never believe this, but she's an example of what happens when you crossbreed a cat with a husky. I know! I know! I didn't believe it either till they put her in my arms...."

    That's probably wrong isn't it...
  • Oh no! Sarcasm is PERFECT!

    I work at a candy factory, so we have been redecorating for Christmas. A guy came in the other day and said "Oh, are you guys decorating for Christmas?" (which is kind of obvious we are due to all the TREES and STARS and WREATHS etc . . .) so I replied "No actually we are trying to get a head start on Valentine's Day". He just stared at me blankly until I told him I was joking.
  • knnwangknnwang
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    Urban Dictionary: shiba

    Oh and # 2 from Urban Dictionary: shiba inu

    Edit: to add #2
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  • tysaaantysaaan
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    It's so funny, after today talking to people walking by I keep on hearing the same things..

    "What kind of dog is that?"
    "A Shiba Inu."
    They look at me with a confused face, "I've never heard of that before."

    For some reason they also think that he's going to be as big as a German shepherd. Maybe they mistake him for a big dog :P A lady asked if he was going to be as big as one, to which I replied no. Another lady said to her Shih Tzu, "He's going to be so much bigger than you!", and a lady that passed by with two dutch shepherds was petting him and said, "Yeah, he should be as big as my dogs."

    I don't really mind it though. I don't expect them to be experts, although I am dreading the day when I encounter one of those people who think they know everything and try to correct how I am with MY dog.
  • So I don't even have my shiba baby yet ( just a week from today :D ) but already people at work keep asking me "What kind of dog are you getting again? A shiba Shih Tzu??"

    Sigh.... Also, they ask about the name... Which is going to be Hiroyuki but they keep saying Hiroshima! :-w
  • A nuclear bomb is a pretty good way of describing life with a shiba sometimes.
  • A nuclear bomb is a pretty good way of describing life with a shiba sometimes.

  • I was at a 5k charity event with my girl back in the fall. I was standing there holding her (she was pretty young and tired of walking) and a lady came up to me said "holy cow that looks like a fox! You even hold her just like a fox!" I'm thinking to myself "there's a certain way to hold a fox?? And you know what it is??" lol. Gave me a good chuckle after she left :)
  • Omg, that second link and second definition of "shiba inu"... Satan's dog. I died, lol.
  • Before we bought Zuki home, my wife was showing some coworkers photos that the breeder had sent us....One person asked "Is that a wombat?"
  • LiloLilo
    Posts: 59
  • I am super curious to see what everyone says when I purchase my puppy in two weeks and start walking her around our small town. I have never seen anyone with one in town...(population 15,000)
    I'll have to keep you all updated. This is then funniest thread though. Like really a cat?!?!?
  • a wombat?!!?!?!?
  • @kali_450 Be prepared for the onslaught of questions and attention. A Shiba, a puppy especially, will probably get you stopped every few steps from people asking what breed she is, how cute she is, if they can take pictures, is that a doge, a fox, a wolf, a wombat, etc. On the bright side though, free socialization!
  • Just got home from a walk. Two boys about 7 or so come up to play with banjo. All is fine... one of the boys says "he looks like a dingo" and the other one looks me square in the eyes and says "he's gonna eat your baby"... the boys laugh and start chanting "the dingo ate my baby"... the mom apologized but based on her laughter I think she was just being polite.

  • koyukikoyuki
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    Lol @Banjo we get that every time we take Koyuki out and there are kids around (Koyuki is out red female). What's funny is that we have had people who are 100% serious that we are walking around a pack of Dingoes. Which is I guess not so far fetched in South Australia, although the only Dingoes in the State are in a fauna park as they are prohibited. According to the general public we now walk around 4 Dingoes and a wolf (the JA).
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  • Just got home from a walk. Two boys about 7 or so come up to play with banjo. All is fine... one of the boys says "he looks like a dingo" and the other one looks me square in the eyes and says "he's gonna eat your baby"... the boys laugh and start chanting "the dingo ate my baby"... the mom apologized but based on her laughter I think she was just being polite.

    This is priceless... soooo priceless.
  • One I always found weird/amusing was when I was walking my Black and Tan puppy with my full grown Red, even after telling people they are the same breed, I get asked "is he (the b&t) a puppy?"
  • FrillfaceFrillface
    Posts: 170
    Denso, so far, has been called a fox, wolf/fox hybrid, and a husky. Usually a husky. I really don't see the husky lol

    photo 1545746_585560818253600_3730105497706095137_n_zpsz2vhiwm1.jpg

  • "is that like...a mix of a tiger and a dog?"
  • NikkitineNikkitine
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    Mainly wolf and Fox for Tali

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