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Funniest stuff said about Shibas
  • knnwangknnwang
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    Lol at the "If you like a cat, they're a dog. There are cat people out there. If you want a dog that's a cat, yeah, okay. If you really want a challenge and you want to drive yourself crazy. If you want to spend thousands of dollars repairing the damage your puppy has done, then yeah, go ahead! Be crazy! There are lots of crazy people on the planet.
    " from a breed advocate Nancy Stines.
  • natashanatasha
    Posts: 122
    Wow! I get that the breed advocate was trying to explain that shiba inu are not for everybody, but she came off as some sort of loony. Some of the comments were interesting, especially the guy who described shibas as having "no soul" after looking after his friend's dogs.
  • RikkaRikka
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  • NahatalieNahatalie
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    Had lots of foxy dog comments. A guy today asked "what make of dog is it?" lol
  • We often get "miniature huskey" .... and living in a condo we get lots of attention with Mika. Everyrime we are in the elevator someone asks what breed she is.
    Also agrees with waling with a friends dog.... the other dog is almost nonexistent... I've started to make a point to introduce both dogs when people ask about Mika... no one cares... lol

    The best was when Mika was 4 months and we were walking into petsmart and a toddler turns to his mum really excited and yells and "mum! Look it's a bear!!!" ... that was cute.
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • cstrashcstrash
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    We confuse people that haven't heard of shibas all the time...

    "What kind of dog is he?"

    "He's a shiba inu"

    "Oh sorry, she's a what?"

    "No, he's a boy... the breed is called shiba inu."

    "Oh, I've never heard of that."

    "Yeah, I know."
  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
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    At the store a couple days ago:

    "Hes a shiba inu."

    "A shiba itzu? A shih tzu mixed with what?"
  • BootzBootz
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    Tatonka and I went to a pet expo last week.

    "Hey what fox mix dogs you guys have?"

  • "Look at how fast he is! That's the fox in him"
    Me - "He's a Shiba Inu"

    "Oh no, there is fox in him. See how he digs"
    Me - "He's a Shiba Inu, and other dogs dig in the snow"

    After Zuki ignored ignored me when called I was told....

    "See! he doesn't come when called! Just like a fox!"
    Me - "I've never tried to call a fox. Zuki, lets go home" and he came running.

    Really, I wish I was making this up...
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  • natashanatasha
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    One time when I was walking Yuki a woman asked me "Is that a real dog?".
  • When we first got baby Lily at 7 weeks, we got a lot of, "Oh my god, is that a bear cub?"

    ...yes...yes she is :D.
  • NahatalieNahatalie
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    Today Oki got called a Pomeranian (probably happens a lot when they're puppies) and he was accused of being a Pug / GSD cross. That'd be an interesting mating! Lol.
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  • I've gotten a lot of German Shepard, Husky, fox, wolf etc. It makes me so excited when I come across someone who knows its a Shiba.

    I was on the other end of this conversation while out on a run dog-less last week. I came across a man walking a Shiba/Chow mix and he was the most beautiful and well behaved dog! I wanted to take him home with me haha.
  • amtiamti
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    I was walking Sheba and Kaji when an elderly man asked if I was walking cayotes (coyotes). I told him no, and he said they looked like cayotes. Then he said they were pretty and left me alone. I don't think my fur balls look anything like a coyote.
  • RikkaRikka
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  • Usually strangers say "he's so cute and well behaved" which is what makes me laugh... cute? yes... well behaved around strangers? yes. Just me and him hanging out... no chance he'll listen to me absent treats.

  • NahatalieNahatalie
    Posts: 363
    Ha ha...shug. Oki is definitely not one of those! I have yet to come across anyone who can correctly identify him. He recently got mistaken for a shar pei, the man seemed so pleased with himself for a moment until I corrected him lol. I think he meant chow chow but still...and he's been called that too! Oh, and an old man was convinced he was an actual fox.
  • HirokiHiroki
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    Yeah we have been asked if Hiroki is a "Benji" a few times as well! My favourite one, however, keeping in mind we are in the UK... "Look, a dingo!"
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    Posts: 1507
  • So, not necessarily funny, but here's what I most commonly get asked / told. I wondered if this rang a bell with anyone else!

    What breed is he? (A what? Never heard of it. Someone even went "pftt...alright then, whatever." I thought to myself I don't know how else to say it! That's just what it's called!)
    How big will he grow?
    Where did you get him from?
    How much did he cost? (?!)
    He looks like a fox.
    He looks like a teddy bear.
    His fur is so soft.

    He get SO much attention! Now, don't me wrong, I like introducing him to lots of randoms, but I do think I've had the same conversation about 50 times now lol.

    Oh, someone shouted "what does the fox say" at him the other day lol.
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  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
    Posts: 2482
  • Walked Oki in the park today and came across a woman who actually knew what he was. She then proceeded to tell me how difficult they are (she's never owned one) and I shouldn't have got one as a first time dog owner as he'll get really difficult as he grows up and they're not for everyone (I didn't feel like getting into a discussion about all the research I've done and the precautions we're taking and support this place gives when there is a problem, as I'm well aware our lovely little pup will probably have crazy and difficult spells! We're aware of what could be in store). She also said "good luck with that!" as we parted. I thought it was pretty rude. Even if she did disapprove of shibas, you don't need to say it to the owner. If I was more childish I would have made a comment about her fat dog. I think I'm annoyed because I am so worried he will get bad, and I don't need a stranger telling me that! First negetive reaction we've had. Not expecting everyone to coo over him, but if someone doesn't like him usually they just walk on past!
  • Chihiro got called a short-haired Pom as a puppy. I'm pretty sure those aren't a thing lol.

    Most conversations go something like this:

    "S/He's so cute!!! And s/he looks JUST like a fox!!! What kind of dog is s/he?"
    "She's a Shiba Inu."
    "Oh...what kind of mix is that?"
    "She's purebred."
    "Are you sure?"

    What I want to say..."Nope, the breeder was pretty sure a fox got to the mom, so she's really an abomination of nature and shouldn't exist. It explains the impossible personality. Cool, right?"

    I really do love talking about her when people know what she is/don't second-guess me.

    I also had a pic of her and me up on an online dating site for a while. Almost every message I got was some variation of "Omg, you have a doge! Is that why you got him? Did you name him Doge? You should name him Doge!" And that's why I've given up on online dating.

    @Nahatalie: It's one thing for a Shiba owner to try and educate someone too overwhelmed by the cuteness to see the devilish side, but this is something new. Sorry you had to go through that :/ Maybe come up with a line like "Thanks for your concern, but I did my research and I'm happy to face any trials that lay ahead." Then smile and change the subject.
  • @QuothTheShiba My friend was excited that he is "Doge" lol.

    I do love talking about him too. Most people are fascinated and ask the usual questions, so I was taken aback with this lady. If I ever do meet her when he's older and if she says something like "I bet he's a handful now" I will make out that he is a perfect angel even if he turns out to be a brat lol.
    Posts: 1507
  • The best thing I've said about Riley was "whoa is that a domesticated fox??" Then I proceed to tell them what/where a Shiba is from because most people where I live have never heard of this breed
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
    Posts: 2482
  • I was at an ice cream shop the other day, waiting outside at these little tables with Haku while my boyfriend got the goods. This older lady and her son (maybe grandson?) sit next to us and the boy starts telling her that I have a puppy Husky and that they pull sleighs in Alaska and that he has a heavy coat. Mind you, they're whispering so I try to mind my own business.

    Then, the lady comes over to me and starts lecturing me about having a dog with a coat like that in Miami is just cruelty and I should feel ashamed of myself.

    I couldn't even get mad. I had to laugh.

  • I had a 7 or 8 year boy go "Look mum! A cat!". The mum then told him it was a dog so he called it a catdog.
  • JuniJuni
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    Ok I got the best comment the other day. We were walking home from doggy day care and met this lady who said "oh isn't she the dog that rides in the bicycle basket normally?" So I explained that she does that in the mornings and we walk home in the afternoon. Then she took another look at her and said "she looks like she has a bit of a headache". What?!?!?!
  • NahatalieNahatalie
    Posts: 363
    Ha ha! People are silly...
  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
    Posts: 259
    I got the 'miniature husky' question the other night. I think we should have shiba bingo boards or some kind of drinking game....
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  • RooneyRooney
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