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Funniest stuff said about Shibas
  • A friend of mine was at the dog park and saw a creamie.. she talked to the human..
    "is that your shiba inu? i have a friend who has two of them"

    "yes, that is mine. What color does your friend have?"

    "they are both black and tan"

    human shudders.. "oh i'm so sorry to hear that... she should know that she got an inferior shiba. everyone knows that the white shiba is the most prized.. Does she have a male by any chance? i'd like to breed mine"

  • While we don't get the fox comments often because Onyx is a black and tan, we do get the husky question a lot. I think the funniest comments we heard (all in one day) by some kids on the playground outside was "Is that a wolf?", "Is that a raccoon?", and my personal favorite, one kid points out to his mom that "It's a werewolf!".
  • Ah! These are all so funny.
    At the fox thing: whatttt?! That's just... I don't even know....

    I've had little kids comments on her exposed butt, or how sassy she is, but never about the breed.
  • I don't really get why people get offended or irked or whatever by the "looks like a fox" thing. I think it's part of their physical charm, and suspect that most people who ask if a Shiba actually IS a fox (as opposed to "looks like", which is just observing a morphological similarity) are probably joshing you or just being mildly socially awkward (like people who cheerfully ask "How's the weather up there?" to anyone who is 6' or taller).

    Observing visual similarities between things/people/animals/dogs is simply human nature, not some chunder-headed doofball thing to say (unless you're saying that Great-Aunt Millie's chow-chow looks just like her) , and if people marvel at the similarity of a dog to a fox, wolf, bear, otter, crane, or whatever (breed dependent) it hardly seems reason to take umbrage. I don't mind it at all. However, some kid on the street said "those dogs have weird tails" while I was out for a walk with another shiba owner today and I gave him a total death glare. It's like "don't insult mah dawwwwwg." But saying they look like foxes? Well, sure. The urojiro thing and other similarities are pretty hard to deny, even if they're not clones or carbon copies of foxes. I don't know why they aren't more wolfy since supposedly they're the modern dog most closely genetically related to wolves. Above huskies even.

    The only reason I can see to get one's hackles up about a comparison is if it's clearly unflattering. There's a neighboring dog that looks like John Goodman but I'm sure as heck not going to say it, even though I personally think that's pretty cute. I'm sure many of you saw the Hitler Cat meme. Lots of cats have that marking and boy would that be an adoption issue. But foxes? I'd take it as a compliment and say "IKR! He/she is actually a Shiba Inu."
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  • I've gotten more "Is that a wolf comments?" lately rather than fox guesses. Yes... that's my bright orange mini wolf.
  • You gotta know people are jelly that you have a bright orange mini-wolf.
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    I was at the bus stop with Laika the other week and a guy came and asked if she was a cross between a fox and a dog! I told him it was genetically impossible, but he ignored me and then went on to ask how I caught a fox and how much a "Dox" would cost.

    I couldnt even. Just. What. Why.

    I just stood there staring at him blankly until someone else came and asked to pet her. I still can't believe it, I mean a "dox", seriously?!

    Well I guess its either that, or a "fog" ;)
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  • WingWing
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    "What kind of dog is that?"
    A shiba inu
    "A shiba-wha?"

    Most people just go all cutesy on him and zone out. Lol
  • I was somewhat ?! to discover that the desk girl at the vet's office recorded her breed as "Sheba Emu" - I informed Kit that she is a bird, and she was surprised to hear it. Somewhat less surprised when I clarified that it was a bird that couldn't fly.

    Also: "dox!" I'm using that one someday when I'm feeling impish and am asked what kind of dog she is.
  • RikkaRikka
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  • Kit and an actual red fox got into a high noon situation this evening, terminated by me picking her up and hauling butt for the back door. Kit was straining at the leash for it, and I was yelling SHOO and it started to run away, then doubled back and came our direction. I figured it was time to go. Red foxes are really common around here, my brother's cat got into a fight with one recently (brother ran outside and broke it up, but my money would have been on the cat - a 20 lb tom made out of pure muscle and moxie - and what alerted them to the fight was the fox screaming). I don't think they're usually aggressive, they're really just gardeners' helpers, keeping the rabbit and mole and whatnot population down.

  • Aiko1Aiko1
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  • That is hilarious about the "dog behaviorist" - Masa a chow corgi? LOL. She probably opens her oven when she wants to get something out of the refrigerator.
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    I've had Kumo for 3 weeks now, and the funniest thing is that people approach me saying.... omg, Hachi!!!!! I think is the cutest thing... I sometimes try to explain to them that he is actually not an akita but the smallest of the japanese breed but people don't really want to hear that so I have just decided to stop. I took him to Petsmart 2 days ago and the worker who did his nails asked if he could take a picture of Kumo. I think he is a mini celebrity :) super cute!
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    @saya I know, I didnt even realise that a "Laika" was a breed of dog till after we named her!

    I chose to name her that because it's the name of the fist dog that went into space :P

    Haha, Laika the dox ;)
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    I just love when people see Toro and say, "you know what??? He looks just like a fox!!!" like they are the first person to ever think of the resemblance.

    Sometimes I am tempted to respond, "wow, I NEVER noticed that before!"
  • KimuraKimura
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    Josey gets the German Shepard and baby bear comments most. I've started introducing her as a bear cub just to be smarmy after getting over my initial annoyance.

    Little boy at beach says "excuse me but I can see every detail of your dog's butthole"

    Me: "why thank you, but it's actually a baby black bear"

    Him- "can I walk your bear?"

    Me (starting to crack up): "sorry you need a license before you can walk a bear on the beach".

    Him: "MOM! Do we have a bear license !?!?"
  • HakuHaku
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    funniest I got were "Is that a wolf?....Why yes I am walking a red colored baby leashed wolf in the middle of the streets in Paris*facepalm*"
    "That's Chiuauah right?"(Haku is still 3months old so they thought he was an adult chiuaua)
    "Look at that guy, son! he is carrying a fennec with him!"
  • MomooMomoo
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    Today, a customer in my shop looked at Ted and said,"He's got a really cute his tail supposed to be like that"? "What kind is he?" Ted was presenting her with his most treasured holee roller ball and play bowing her to invite her to play. She was concerned that his butt hole is exposed! Well.........we are in New England, after all.......
  • MikoMiko
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    these are funny. Last weekend I went to a shiba meetup and we were in the small dog section of the dog park so that we could be together. There was one other breed in there with the 7 shibas that showed up, the owner of that dog had a child with her and she said to her mom "there's alot of pomeranians here today" lol
  • BootzBootz
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    At Fort Funston with Bootz and Jackie yesterday.

    Passed by a mother and two children and overheard their conversation:
    Kid: "mom its a Shiba Inu!"
    Me: *smiles* (cause a kid knows the breed)
    Mom: "Yea, do you know where they are from"
    Kid: "No mom, where?"
    Mom: "They are from Hawaii."
    Me: *-_-" and kept walking*

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  • When we 1st got him, we right away started to take him to nightclubs and bar so that he could get used to loud, crowed places where people were literally taking turns holding him lol

    I thought that I had heard stupid things when drunk girls would ask if he was a cat but man, most these post are funny!
  • BitiBeaBitiBea
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  • Moshi has also been mistaken for a corgi - I was horrified, I think they are silly looking dogs! (no offence to any corgi lovers!). Living in Australia, I have been asked a few times if Moshi is a dingo or dingo cross. I've also been told he looks like a koala!
    But the one I find funniest is "long-haired basenji". People are very proud of themselves for guessing, but then very sheepish upon being told there is no such thing....
    So far only two people have guessed correctly, and one person guessed Akita which I thought was a good try.
  • knnwangknnwang
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    I live in the western united states. Only 2 stranger identify Ratchet as a shiba. I get tired of trying to get strangers to pronounce the breed name so now a days when people guess wrong I tell them "no, he's your average garden variety mut." If they do identify him as a shiba I use the opportunity to vent all the funny shiba antics I have had to deal with. ;P
  • Took Hachiko to the vaccination clinic the other day and the Vet wrote Sheba Enu on her paperwork, I facepalmed...
  • Hachiko is on the skinner side for a Shiba too (built very much like a Basenji) so I hear that one ALL the time "Oh, it's one of those barkless dogs!" "oh no, believe me, she can bark... and does it often..."
  • I've seen Shiba Emu written down - like a small ostrich.
  • knnwangknnwang
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    That black and tan dogs are not "cute" and are messengers of doom. On a post. :0

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