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Help the Shiba Scout Rescue with just a couple clicks!
  • BarbiBarbi
    Posts: 13
    Petco is putting on a great contest on facebook where all the entries are adoptable pets on The pet with the most votes by October 31st wins a $300 gift card to Petco for the organization the pet is with. Nobuyuki my foster dog has been entered and is representing the Shiba Scout Rescue.

    Please please PLEASE vote for him. This would be great exposure for Shiba Scout and all the adoptable dogs they have plus the gift card would really help with food, beds and toys for the dogs.

    Voting is easy. Go to the Petco page, click on the adoption contest on the right hand side (picture of a bull dog) then click view and vote and then search for Nobu.

    You can vote for one animal every 24 hours from now until the end of October so vote often!

    Here is where to vote

    Dan and I have decided to sweeten the deal. IF Nobu wins we will donate 15 cents per vote to the Shiba Scout Rescue. If he does not win we will donate 1 cent per vote. A generous friend has offered to MATCH our donation and a sweet family member is going to donate 5 cents per vote no matter what. That means each vote is 7-35 cents for the rescue! So tell your family and friends!
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  • Voted.

    Good luck! :)
  • voted!! good cause.
  • kayla4554kayla4554
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    kayla and maya <3
  • BarbiBarbi
    Posts: 13
    Thank you all so much, keep voting you can vote every day! We are now in 6th place.
  • BarbiBarbi
    Posts: 13
    Please keep voting every 24 hours! We really need some extra votes! If Nobu wins we are already at an over $200 donation on top of the gift cards. Remember every vote = money to the rescue so vote often and tell your friends! We can totally win this!!
  • NaviNavi
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    voted!! :)
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