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Books, resources and DVDS etc for dog training
  • Not sure where the original post went but I am adding the info again for the benefit of better knowledge acquisition. : )

    General Books on “Positive” Training (quite a few are now available as ebooks or dvds):

    Donaldson, Jean. Culture Clash.

    Donaldson, Jean. DVD Perfect Paws in 5 Days.

    Dunbar, Ian. Before and After getting Your Puppy.

    Fisher, Susan. So your Dog’s not Lassie: Tips for Training Difficult Dogs and Independent Breeds.

    Garrett, Susan. Crate Games for Self control. (also on DVD)

    Kearns, Nancy. The Whole dog Journal Handbook of Dog and Puppy Care.
    (also online version monthly issue of Whole dog Journal -

    McConnell, Patricia. How to be the Leader of the Pack...and Have your Dog Love You for it!

    McConnell, Patricia. Other end of the Leash.

    McDevitt, Leslie. Control Unleashed the Puppy Program.

    Miller, Pat. The Power of Positive Training.

    Miller, Pat. Positive Perspectives 2.

    Pryor, Karen. Clicker Training for Dogs.

    Rugaas, Turid. On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals.
    (Also has DVD - Calming Signals: What your Dog Tells you”)

    Yin, Sophia. Perfect Puppy in 7 Days. (also can obtained as ebook)

    Specialty Topics:

    Aloff, Brenda. Canine Body Launguage.

    Aloff, Brenda. Aggression in Dogs. Practical Management, Prevention and Behavior Modification.

    Clothier, Suzanne. Finding a Balance: Issues of power in the human dog relationship. Flying Dog Press

    Clothier, Suzanne. Understanding and Teaching Self Control. Flying Dog Press.

    Clothier, Suzanne. The Seven C's: A guide to training and relationships. Flying Dog Press.

    Clothier, Suzanne. Body Posture and Emotions: Shifting Shapes and shifting minds. Flying Dog Press.

    Donaldson, Jean. Mine.

    Donaldson, Jean. Dog are from Neptune.

    Eaton, Barry. Hear Hear: Guide to Training a Deaf Dog.

    Jacobs, Debbie. A Guide for Living with and Training a Fearful Dog.

    Livine, Caroline. Living with Blind Dogs.
    (Also DVD. New Skills for Blind Dogs)

    McConnell, Patricia. Cautious Canine.

    McConnell, Patricia: Feeling Outnumbered: How to Manage and Enjoy a Multi Dog Household. (Also in DVD)

    McConnell, Patricia: Feisty Fido: Help for the Leash Aggressive Dog.

    McConnell, Patricia. I’ll be Home Soon.

    McDevitt, Leslie. Control Unleashed.

    Miller, Pat. Play with Your Dog.

    Murray, Louise. Vet Confidential: An Insiders Guide to Protecting Your Pet’s Health.

    Nordensson, Stewart & Kelley, Lydia. Teamwork – Training Manual for People with Disabilities.

    O’Driscoll, Cathrine. Shock to the System: Facts About Animal Vaccination, Pet Food and How to Keep Your Pets Healthy.
    (DVD: In Search of The Truth About Dogs: Introduction to Natural Canine Health)

    Palika, Liz. Purbred Dog Rescue Adoption.

    Palika, Liz. The Ultimate Pet food Guide: Everything you need to know about feeding your dog or cat. (Pet food information also listed in the Whole dog Journal online)

    Parsons, Emma. Click to Calm. Healing the Aggressive Dog.

    Pelar, Colleen. Living with Kids and Dogs Without Losing Your Mind.

    Rugaas, Turid. My dog pulls what do I do?

    Wild, Nichole. Help for your Fearful Dog: A Step by Step Guide to Help Your Dog Conquer his Fears.

    Wood, Debora. Help for your Shy Dog: Turning Your Terrified Dog into a Terrific Pet.

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  • added two more....

    Wilde, Nichole. Dissecting the Dynamics of Dog-Dog Play (DVD)

    Clothier, Suzanne. Arousal, Anxiety and Fear: Empathy, Understanding & Options for Anxious or Fearful Dogs (DVD)
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Also Bow Wow Flix for dog training DVD rental and Dogwise for books
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  • Ok wow, LOTS to choose from so I wanted to "bump" this.

    Banjo's leg is bothering him so our usual romps outside have to be replaced with something else. I figured its as good a time as any to load him up with awesome tricks (especially since Amazon gave me a $15 credit from some class action suit I don't remember filling out paperwork for). Whats a good book that has tricks more than training (we have a good foundation on the essentials [drop, leave it, come, heel, stay, etc])... I am looking more for "play dead" or "paw" type tricks (he knows both of those already). One book on amazon said if the dog doesn't listen to you bop it on the nose. I am looking to avoid those books.

    Thanks everyone!

  • BootzBootz
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    Try youtube!!
  • Would it shock you to learn that I may be mentally incapable of training off youtube? (probably not...)

    When I try, I have to keep referring to the video and we lose momentum. Shiba-dog is smarter than hoo-man. Hoo-man needs books/written instructions =(

  • sunyatasunyata
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    Try writing down what you see... Then refer to that instead of the video.
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  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    I just saw this about a new book called "Decoding Your Dog" about using positive reimforecement to train dogs.
  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
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    @Antionette: Nice addition. Susan Horwitz believe has been interviewed recently and you may be able to search online to find the video.

    Here are some additional aids that are within the budget of most.

    Yep, many more training aids are becoming available on Kindle. Phone apps are also up and coming …. certainly can be used to help with on the spot tips and trips.

    Here are a few recent ones:

    Pilar, C. (2013) Living with Kids and Dogs without losing your mind. (Lots of good stuff that goes beyond just children, keeping all dogs and families “in the know” about safe interactions. Super advice on management, evaluation, relationship building and training available on Kindle, very reasonably priced.

    Schade, V.(2009) Bonding with Your dog: Trainer’s Secrets for Building a Better Relationship. On Kindle (Some great information that can help with new dog owners, adopters and rescue volunteers alike)

    Dog Park Assistant App:

    Reasonably priced and downloadable, the app is filled with video clips and photographs of dog behavior and assists teaching owners how to understand dog play and dog-dog interactions better. Owners can create a profile for their dog and receive personalized training tips while at the park. (recommended that individuals review this app ahead of time so they can remain focused on their dog while at the park).
  • curlytailscurlytails
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    Short notice, short-term thing:

    Dogwise publishing is currently offering 25% off all books on SPARCS conference-related authors -- mostly books by Patricia McDonnell in their catalog. A very useful and decent discount though:
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  • SayaSaya
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    Bumping this up good reading material for dog owners.
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