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Jasper limping
  • I noticed about two weeks ago about 3 or 4 times that upon waking up or getting up he's reluctant to move one of his back legs, I noticed that it was always the one he was lying/resting on. I didn't think too much of it as I thought it must've just been tense muscle like humans have after sleeping on their arm for a while, I soaked his back legs in hot water and massaged them and it went away for two weeks and now it has come back. It's only upon getting up, a few minutes later he's up jumping around and running like nothing happened so I'm really confused. I tried the soaking and massaging remedy today but didn't seem to help. I will contact my vet anyhow tomorrow but I wanted to know if anyone can shed some light in to this. I take him to the park everyday for a few hours and I don't know if that might be too excessive for him, he's also nearing 30lb and although my vet kept insisting on our last visit that his weight is fine, I always worry that he might hurt himself much easier. Anywho, has anybody gone through something like this?
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  • Thanks for the extensive info/links you've provided above!! We went to see our vet yesterday and as she examined carefully, his right leg did seem to bother him when she tried to flex it but she kept saying she couldn't feel anything off but that he's mostly bothered around his knee area but nothing seemed out of place. I did mention luxating patella and although she said she wants me to bring jasper back in two weeks after his inflammation meds, she said he'd be in more pain if it was in luxating patella. She said it could be light arthritis or just sprained muscle of some kind. I am hoping for the best, its too sad watching him sick because he generally isn't as active whenever something's off with him, even if it's as light and simple as allergies. I noticed something today though which I will consult about with my vet tomorrow, after his inflammatory medicine, he seems to be..a little more bothered? Anyone have experience with soreness/arthritis with inflammatory medication? Am I over reacting? Before yesterday, he'd shake it out and it was over and he'd run around like normal instantly but right now it seems to take a little while and when I put his harness on ( I usually stand him up to put it on) he was trying balance on his left leg and his right one was bothering him still. I'm just growing painfully scared of what this could be.
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  • Thanks to you both! I'm bringing him in on monday for an X-ray, my vet insist we at least "give him a chance to heal on his own" I'm a little frustrated because as notorisscrat mentioned, as well as all the research I've done in the last few days about LP, that its mostly quiet easy to diagnose but my vet said she couldn't feel anything abnormal besides him being a little bothered when massaged on the right knee area. I know LP is genetic but If a dog is sprained, does it naturally go away? The only incident I remember in the last 6 months was at the dog park when we were playing and he jumped so high and landed his right leg landed the wrong way I guess and he yelped so hard but after massaging it, he was fine. This whole suspense of trying to find out whats wrong is killing me.

    @shibamistress, how's your shiba after surgery? Are there any alternatives to surgery? If it is LP and surgery becomes the best option to correct it, has it affected your shiba's overall behavior? I will ask more about the this when we go back to the vet on Monday but I'm just really frustrated right now. Oh btw, he's a year and 10months.
  • Hello everyone, jasper is supposed to have his X-rays done on Monday, really hoping things to turn out better, been worried sick. I'm curious for anyone living in NYC or tri state area..or anywhere just a general question about price for X-ray and sedation. Ive been with wchelsea vet since I got jasper, we never really went anywhere else but is it normal for X-ray exam to be so expensive? It's $200/2images and apparently depending on what kind of sedative to use for him on that day it could be anywhere between $100-250. Is that normal? Just curious coz out of pocket X-ray I've done in the past was much much cheaper than that and I don't know if I should maybe try some other place to get it done or if that's about the average price. I've done a bit research and I've found various different price range for this exam. Some insight would be greatly appreciated. My vet called the other day to give that estimate and I was a bit shocked because they said they might only need two or maybe more..
  • Just to clarify on the sedative..that's separate charge from te X-ray images..
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    My Scout just had x-rays and the cost was $92 each (needed two) and sedation was $65 for $249 total. We are in western ma and definitely not near a "big city."
  • K good to know. I mentioned to some ppl at our local dog park and some of them were shocked and said that seemed overpriced so I wasn't sure. Thanks!
  • *Update*
    Came back from the vet today, X-rays wasn't done because their machine broke, instead blood work and other tests were done all came out fine, waiting for the tick exam?for Lyme disease? to see if that's what's causing his lameness...Now shes more convinced of that than anythjng else...we noticed an exposed small patch just under his knees on his right hind leg that im assuming he's been licking or scratching from some kind of itch. My vet, as I brought him in this morning said that X-ray wasn't a huge priority as of yet because she again couldn't really feel anything "weird" with his leg...I went ahead anyway as she gave me the option if I wanted to do the X-ray, unfortunately it wasn't done today. This whole ordeal is so frustrating,I almost feel like my vet isn't really proactive to getting to the bottom of this mess, that or she's trying to be more optimistic. I just want to know what this is, a peace of mind is all I need so it can be dealt with. I mentioned that his anti inflammatory medication have not helped at all and that he actually seemed a lot better w/o it and acted more normal and lameness went away quicker than when he's on it, she insisted I keep him on it anyway. She's super nice but its so frustrating to feel like I'm not getting enough answers from her. :/
  • Just another update, so X-ray was finally done, went to consult a different clinic and he had torn his right hind knee ligament. Bones are fine and hips are great but to their surprise he didn't show as much pain as most dogs would w a torn ligament for two weeks. Anyone have recommendations for good surgeon in NYC. My vet gave me a recommendation and said that she doesn't really recommend their in house surgery only because they're not a 24hr facility and dog wouldn't have care for the healing part. I'm so sad about it but so relieved to know what it is. Thanks all so much for your inputs!
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    Whenever I need anything major taken care of, I go to Animal Kind in parkslope, Brooklyn. Its very expensive, however I feel they provide the best care. They have so much on site, the vets are all very knowledgable, and they really do good work.
  • Thanks Inoushi, will call them tomorrow and ask questions about acl surgery. I've been looking around today, it will be an expensive treatment but a necessary one. I just hope that Jaspers insurance can help me out a little bit with the cost.
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