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when is the next shiba meet up in chicago?
  • first off im sorry if i didnt do enough research on where to ask this question, BUT i was just wondering when and where is the next shiba meet up here in the IL area, and is there any shiba owners out here in AURORA/.
  • Hi! I live in Peru & would love to go to a meet up! I signed up on the link above. We plan to go to the next one. I have a very small shiba named Saki. She is trying to get over her fear of strangers, so I would love to get her a bit more socialization. She loves other dogs, so I think she'd have a blast!
  • Hey sakimom if there's anyway u can come up here to aurora I would love toset up a doggie daev with u, there's a nice lil dog park right by the lake where I live...let me know :)
  • I'm in the burbs as well...would love to do a Shiba meet up...never am able to find one around here.
  • So sad that there's no movement in this thread. Would love to meet a few other local Shibas in the Chicago suburbs!! Le me know if anyone in interested!
  • This is really last minute, but I'm just seeing this thread! The Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue holds a Chicago meetup every year, and this year's is Saturday -
  • Hi, following this because I would love for my shiba to hang out with any owners and their shibas sometime during the summer! Would anyone be interested? :)

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