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Limp after rest
  • Merritt turned a year old last week. He is his normal high energy playful self.
    However, we have noticed that intermittently he is limping on his front leg after having been resting.
    We can't find any object in his paw, he will still run, jump, play at any moment. Food consumption is about normal. I walk him 3 miles on the beach 3-4 days a week. He loves our beach walks! We play with ChuckIt ball launcher and he plays the whole time.

    Any ideas what's wrong?

    I have called the vet and they've scheduled us next week. I'd like to go in prepared with questions.
  • BootzBootz
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    lol. This happened to Bootz. She limps after a nap/sleeping. I physicallly examed her leg the way I was taught by the Vet. No yelping/whimpering. It got better in a week or two. Then BAM limping again.

    Just went to the vet yesterday. Doctor basically confirmed what I knew. She pulled/sprained a muscle and didn't fully heal before she started running again. He prescribed anti-flammatory medicine and also recommending icing the area couple times a day for 3-5 mins.

    Its only been one day and Bootz already feels better and only has a slight barely noticeable limp. I had to stop her from doing the shiba 500 by holding her down and putting an ice pack on the injured leg. She always gives a cute grunt like "damn it mom"
  • Thanks! I'll try the ice. It could be a sprain. He let's me handle the appendage. I am not sure our vet will be able to do or say anymore than yours did... But we will see.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    Oh I forgot to mention. I'm not sure where Merritt has sprained...But Bootz sprained the area above the elbow connecting to the body. Vet recommend no Harness, just walk with a collar to avoid adding more pressure/irrtation to the sprain. No long walks, just quick potty breaks, and no running of course

  • This exact same thing started to happen to my friend's shiba named Bandit when he was a little over 1 year old .. he began limping slightly in his front left leg .. most noticeably after a rest ... The limping seemed to come and go .. Now I don't want to seem like Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling .. but we went to the vet who said Bandit had a click in his joint .. that it didn't seem to be bothering him and she recommended a ramp for the bed .. and that was that .. We got a ramp .. months went by and it seemed like the ramp and joint supplements we started giving him were helping .. but then we noticed he was limping again .. and it had become more pronounced and more frequent .. We then had x-rays done and the Vet subsequently reffered us to the Tufts College of Veterinary Medicine .. We had more x-rays done and the poor little guy was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia requiring surgery on both front legs which was performed 2 weeks ago .. Bandit is home and recuperating now and we are hopeful he will walk without a limp .. I guess the point is that I remember reading that the sooner it is recognised and treated the higher the probablity of a full recovery .. and I wanted you to know
  • No limping since taking it easy for a couple of days after this post!
  • BootzBootz
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    @Kerichelle, what did the vet say?

    I think Bootz sprained her shoulder part...after the meds and everything it took like a month to heal x_x
  • Vet couldn't see/feel anything wrong, said rest and time would tell.
  • DianaBostonDianaBoston
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    This is going on right now with Dakota. About a year ago, she was limping for about 15 seconds after getting up (right front leg). However, totally normal otherwise. Usual Shiba 500, zoomies, jumping on and off the bed, etc. Eating fine. Then, it just went away.

    Now, about a year later, the limping after getting up or sleeping is back. She is 5 and I'd hate to think it is arthritis or anything like that. She gets a squirt of salmon oil in her breakfast each morning. Hope it is nothing like elbow dysplasia like with @musrum. She has a checkup scheduled in the next week or so and we will ask the vet to look at it then. She otherwise feels no pain in the leg and the limping goes away within a few seconds. A bit disconcerting. Maybe a muscle strain from playing with other dogs at her weekly group get-together?

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