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Shiba in Saskatchewan Needs Home
  • Hello to all. If you are in or near Saskatchewan there is a Shiba that needs a new home. She is 9month old red girl and the owners have realized a shiba is not the breed for them. Im worried she will end up in the wrong hand for Shibas are not common here and everyone wants one but don't know the breed. For more information please message me. I currently have the sister to this girl and I know their background.
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  • My first question whenever I see a dog being rehomed, especially one that young --
    Has the breeder been contacted, and will they take her back or help rehome her?
    Also, is she spayed?

    And thank you for helping her look for a Shiba-savvy home...
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  • The breeder contacted me to see if I knew of a good home for her. So we're helping the family look for a good home. I have 2 myself so right now 3 is not right for us. Yes she was spayed at 6 months of age. The breeder is expecting a litter of puppies any day so right now it would be difficult to house her there .I'm thinking of Fostering her but I could only for a short time.
  • Thank you everyone for your interest. We found her a new loving home ..
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    Good for you for helping her get rehomed!!

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