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Adoptive parents needed...
  • This is probably the hardest decision I'm ever going to make and I've ever decided.. But I feel it's for the best for my Toshi..

    I've got two jobs, and full time nursing student and unfortunately, I've got no one to help care for my baby..

    He's almost 6 months old, potty trained, pure-bred sesame Shiba Inu. Has all his current shots, just need his rabies shot. Unaltered, has lots of energy, great with other Shibas, playful, loves to sleep beside you.

    He's an amazing puppy but it breaks my heart to have to find a better place for him to stay where he'll be happy.

    If you're interested, let me know. I would prefer it if youre in the SoCal/LA/Long Beach/OC area, so that I can visit him once and awhile...

    With lots of heartbreak,
    Judii. ):

    EDIT: he's also microchipped.
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  • I'm sorry to hear of your situation. Do you suppose this busy streak is something that would pass with time? Would you be able to hire a dog walker or a sitter for the hours that you are away, for example, and when things in your life settle down again, you'd be able to enjoy each other's companionship?

    Have you let your breeder know of your decision? Responsible breeders usually have it in their contract that they are to be notified if a decision is made to rehome one of their dogs, as they may have input or resources to assist -- if not have the dog returned to them.

    Lastly, especially if Toshi does not have a responsible breeder to return to, please consider altering him and asking for a small rehoming fee to help cover the cost of neutering, if that is an issue. I think you are in good company by asking on the forum first, and I appreciate that you hope to place him in a local home where you can keep in touch, but rehoming unaltered purebred dogs often puts them in a vulnerable position, even when the new owners may appear to have the best intentions. Just a thought.
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  • I was going to say the same thing that M.C. did about this: first talk to his breeder and see if they would take him back. Then next, neuter him. An unaltered dog is likely to end up in a bad position. I hope you're able to find a good home for him!
  • FYI - based on her previous posts, he may be from a byb (she got him at 6-7 weeks and kind of just picked him out from the puppies still unsold). Inform the breeder regardless, but personally if he is not from an responsible breeder (casting no aspersions here, just gleaning the bit I can discern from your posting history) I think it would be better for you to try to find him a responsible new home. If the breeder is a byb I think you'll put more effort into finding him the right place (rather than reselling him to whoever comes along). But as others mention, please alter and get him his rabies shot too. The rabies should have happened two months ago and the altering will be a better preventative from him being exploited by someone with unsavory motives.
  • JuniJuni
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    I don't want to point finger at all, but I hope you all on the forum that are still waiting for a puppy read this and think long and hard if this could be you in a couple of months...
    Puppies are hard work, you probably realized this already if you read the threads on this forum and Shibas in general need a LOT of training and exercise so if you work full time and have other obligations or noone to help it can easily become too much.
  • ArcticArctic
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    Juni is right. I have had my puppy for a month and a half now and she's literally the entirety of my free time. Up until this week, I literally never left her to play by herself. I juuust started letting her play with her toys on her own (supervised of course) without me being an active participant until now since I've wanted to stimulate her and bond with her as much as possible. I haven't gone out with friends much, haven't played many games or watched much TV or movies because I've been completely focused on my dog. My entire social life has changed while she's gotten the basics down and acclimated to living in our home. I knew it would be like this and was committed to it, but if you're at all on the fence, I can vouch that it's a LOT of work.

    My aunt got a goldendoodle and the same time I got Sansa, and she and her family are not focused on the dog at all, and it shows. She's not housebroken yet, she's nippy and jumps on people, and is overall not very well-behaved. You reap what you sow, I suppose.
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  • SayaSaya
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    So glad your looking for a home for him. :) Most people would just dump their dog at the shelter.

    I hope he finds a good home.

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  • ttddinhttddinh
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    I am really sorry to hear about your situation. I am really glad that you are taking a positive step in trying to rehome your pup here on the forum. Have you thought about contacting a rescue? If you are interested, I know the director of (based here in SoCal) that I could put you in touch with. PM me!
  • @Juni I'm quite insulted at what you're saying. You don't know what's been going on in my life to make me decide what I decided. If the recent events have not have happened, I would still be able to keep Toshi and watch after him like I've always been.
  • JuniJuni
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    I'm sorry I never meant to direct my comment to you. I should have been clearer on that. I honestly only meant to make the members who are still waiting for a puppy to think twice and not rush into buying without thinking about consequences and the different 'what if this happens?'
  • Actually, I think Juni was absolutely right to bring this up, and I did not read her comment as directed at you, but as directed at others who may be thinking about a puppy.

    The point is, we've seen a lot of people get really excited about getting a puppy, and not take into consideration how hard it is to raise a puppy, and how much time that is going to take. I mean there are more than one threads up NOW about people getting overwhelmed at looking to give up Shiba puppies. I'm very glad that you, and others, turn to the forum to help find a good home for your puppy, and I know giving up a dog is a difficult decision. No one is saying it is not.

    But we're also saying that people who are looking to get puppies, now, should really consider what is going on in their life and make sure they have the time and resources to devote to a puppy so they don't end up having to rehome a dog a few months down the line. This is not being critical of your decision--this is simply a head's up to other people.

  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    I agree, I never thought of it as being directed at you at all.
    Also I am trying to see if my nephew knows anyone interested in your pup, he lives in OC
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    Shibatoshi, PM me your email, I have someone in OC interested in him
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  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    Unsure if you got my PM, but if you still want someone to take Toshi, please let me know
  • RyanRyan
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    Personally I would get him altered and keep him. The hardest patch is almost over, when do you finish your degree?

    How will you know the new home is enter than what you haven given him?

    I know your pain- I work an intense consulting job and am doing my masters, but my dogs get all my spare time and I live with my girlfriend who helps with them.

    Do you have a friend who could help out? Neighbour who could?
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