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Urinary incontinence problem
  • umi-sanumi-san
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    Hello Guys,

    Recently Suki is been having accidents with pee. First one was like a week ago and the second one happened yesterday.
    It’s like she did not realize that she is peeing until she feels wet. The first time it happened, she was sitting waiting for me to open the door to go inside our home. When she started walking, I noticed a bit of liquid exactly where she had sat and then realize it was pee. She began to clean herself and I waited for her to finish the cleaning.

    The second time happened yesterday when we were walking back to the house, after our usual walk. Suddenly she sat up and began to clean herself. I realized that again there was some liquid underneath. (Is not that I did not let her do her thing, we were walked alongside one another so I could easily notice if she wanted to go).

    Both times when the accident happened she was relax, no sign of anxiety or excitement.

    I started doing some research on Internet, but I wanted to ask you guys if somebody has experienced this with your dogs. We don’t know yet if she is having accidents during the day while we are at work.

    Suki is 2 years old. She seems very healthy: eating and activities are as usual. She does not show external signs around the vulva. I could be an internal problem with the bladder?

    Thanks for any comment on the subject.

    (I’m getting an appointment with our vet for this week).

    Good day!
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    Is she spayed? Could be a UTI. (urinary tract infection)
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  • umi-sanumi-san
    Posts: 113
    Yes, she is spayed.
    Thanks, I'll read about UTI.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    May be spay incontinence
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  • umi-sanumi-san
    Posts: 113
    Thanks for the clue @lindsayt. I'll start searching for that too rigth now :).
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  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    Bootz has spay incontinence but it doesn't happen often. It occurs while she's sleeping/resting and on hot days. The liquid that comes out is clear.

    Our doctor has offered medicine but he highly advised against it since the side affects were worst than the spay incontinence. x_x
  • Could be either....either way, you'll need to take her to the vet and have them do a urinalysis to make sure it isn't a UTI. My girl did this when she had kidney problems too, but it's much more likely NOT that.
  • umi-sanumi-san
    Posts: 113
    Thanks @Bootz and @shibamistress!

    We are seeing our Vet this evening. I took notes on the possibles causes recommended (UTI, spay incontinence). I'll talk about them with the vet.

    Thanks again :)
  • micomico
    Posts: 242
    @umi-san - did your vet decide what the cause was? Ours has provisionally diagnosed our Suki with USMI (Urethral Sphincter Mechanism Incompetence) and wants to start her on medication after we've managed to get a water sample to rule out any infection.

    @Bootz - did you go down the medication route or not? - I can cope with the odd dribble as we've got wooden floors downstairs but some of her accidents are bigger and my husband is worried she's going to get worse as she gets older (she was spayed at 11 months and is just over 2 now)
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    @mico use advanced search and look up PROIN. Sorry I'm on my phone and can't link it. Yes we went with PROIN. Before medication bootz did small drips which escalate to big puddles 4 inches in diameter. We put her on PROIN and her puddles decreased then went away.

    Our doctor prescribed a pill a day, half morning half night. But we decide to go with half that dose. Then as time went by we reduce to 1/4 a pill a day. Then 1/4 a pill every other day to try to get her off it. :) hope that helps!
  • micomico
    Posts: 242
    Thanks Bootz, I'll let you know how we get on, thankfully we have a lifetime insurance policy for her. Jx

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