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New York Petition to Allow Dogs on Subways!
  • Hey guys!

    I've finally got fed up with the carrier situation I've been facing with Tonka - while I persist in finding a way to cart him around on the subways comfortably (both for me and everyone around him), I've started contacting city officials and started this petition to try to allow licensed dogs on certain subway cars to make getting around possible! If you're in support, please go to and sign - help Tonka get to work with me without having a coronary in a tiny mesh box! :)
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  • @curlytails Thanks so much for your support, and the suggestions! I've spent the afternoon trolling dog forums in the effort to get the petition out there to other people than Shiba owners (I figure the Golden and Pitbull owners alone could probably get the number of signatures needed, haha!), so this is helpful! If anyone else has suggestions, definitely pass them my way.

    I'm sure I'm going to reach backlash - I actually thought pretty hard about the pros and cons before starting the petition at all, and I'm actually totally in support of people not wanting dogs on the subway as well. They can be rambunctious, unclean, and disruptive, not to mention people have allergies and phobias. If it were any other city than New York, I would just take my lumps, but it's impossible to get anywhere in this city without using the MTA, and the thought of having to choose between Tonka and a park outside of my neighborhood seems ridiculous. If the MTA weren't practically mandatory, I'd call it a luxury, but it's a necessity!

    Again, thanks for your help - any help we can get will be useful!
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  • Haha, so I registered with and posted something about the petition about two hours ago...I logged back in now to see if anyone had commented or anything, and it says I've been "banned for the reason: spam. Date ban will be lifted: Never." I can't access any of the other pages because I'm "banned," and when I respond to the webmaster email, it rejects my email.

    I guess there's my first backlash! :) Thank God our forum is a little more interactive...
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  • Not a bad idea, Saya - I could see how muzzling a dog would give someone the wrong idea about him or her, but if it's mandatory to muzzle them to ride the train, people would know that was why. I wouldn't mind putting it on Tonka right before we got in and taking it off once we were off. Good suggestion!
  • Another great suggestion, @curlytails - I have a friend in Toronto who I'm sure would be willing to help out! And I'm TOTALLY with you...several friends have suggested the stroller, and I shudder at the idea...Tonka's a sturdy dude, I can't imagine carrying around a stroller and having other riders look in to see a Shiba face staring out...

    I'm running into a lot of trouble promoting the petition on dog forums - I really thought they would be the best place to post links, but I keep getting kicked off for spam. I asked on one before posting, just to be sure, and they said petitions are forbidden on the forum. So if any of you have more ideas where I can reach out, let me know!
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    @tatonka The dog strollers freak Conker out too. Seriously, he's afraid of them. That would never work with him. Not like I'd do it anyways, I think that is just odd if your dog isn't like, completely unable to walk on it's own or something.

    Oh, I'm not in New York but I signed anyways.
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  • They definitely have a stigma here. And strollers on subways during rush hour are irritating enough as it is...knowing its carrying a dog is just obnoxious.

    I got Tonka a Snoozer 4-in-1 carrier that rolls, but he doesn't fit unless I leave the top open and connect the tether from the inside to his collar, and I'm afraid the noise of the rolling and his puppy-inability to sit still for more than ten minutes will make him want to jump out (and subsequently have a conniption when he can't). So I bet he'd be afraid of the stroller too.
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    Here in Stockholm dogs are allowed on all public transport. On the trains half of the carriages are dogs allowed and half are not and there are stickers on the doors that shows which is which. Most people don't seem to mind and many seem to enjoy it and take it as an opportunity to talk to you, but there is always someone that gives you the evil eye like Juni is contageous or something.
    Once I was on the tram and the conductor told me I should get off because there was already 2 dogs on the tram and I should have noticed it getting on and waited for the next train! I told him I never heard of that rule. And how would I do that? So I should quickly count how many dogs there are on the tram before the doors close or what? I asked another conductor next time I went on the tram and he told me the rule is that you are only allowed to bring in 2 dogs per person. That made more sense to me.
  • @curlytails I've made some tweaking to the petition, I think it'll be more clear - thanks for the suggestion!

    I've also made a page for it on Facebook here: This way, if anyone knows of someone who might be interested in supporting and are on Facebook, they can share the page, like it and sign the petition.

    Thanks again for all your help, guys...Tonka wants to get to work!

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