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Aggression towards the cats when she has a bone
  • micomico
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    Suki gets on really well with one of our cats and the other tolerates her and us. We feed all the animals dry food at the same time, Suki first and then the cats. If we give the cats meaty food we always feed them when Suki's out on a walk otherwise she starts jumping up at them (we feed them on the counter in the utility room) and the older cat hisses and swipes at her.

    We did have a few issues with bones, like other posters she'd run round the house not knowing what to do with it, take it outside and bury it before bringing it back in a few days later but nothing serious until the younger rescue cat (who will eat anything) tried to eat it when Suki left it in the kitchen and she went beserk at him.

    That was a few months ago and they've been fine since so I stupidly gave her a lamb bone on Friday night and there was WW3. We threw the bone away and put Suki in her bed, letting her know we were angry with her but she must've had a go at the cat in the night (they usually sleep together) because the poor thing is terrified of her.

    Obviously she won't be getting any more bones but we wonder if there's anything we can do to stop this aggression towards the cats or is it just a hierarchial thing - apart from being a pest when we start she knows to lie on her mat when we're cooking and she knows she can't come in the dining room when we're eating.

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  • LosechLosech
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    There is no hierarchy between dogs and cats. Don't worry about that sort of stuff.
    If the dog and cat are fighting, the dog will win one of these days and it won't be pretty. If you cannot supervise them when they are together, put the cat in one room and the dog in another, or if you do it, crate the Shiba. If you want to give the Shiba a bone, do it in a crate or separate room and when she is done, put it away. It's alright to give her bones, just don't leave them out and don't give them in the same location as the cats.
    When they are out together, keep play on a low-key by interrupting often for some petting time. And never give them the chance to fight over a high-value item, keep any stuff that might trigger a fight away and save for individual play later.
    If the Shiba shows aggressive behavior towards the cat, remove her from the room in a calm boring manner for a moment then return. Do this until she no longer acts out towards the cat. It might take a while, but she will eventually learn that being aggressive to the cat gets her removed from the attention and fun. And never ever punish for a warning, be it a growl, lip raise, or funky look. Say "thank you." then remove the dog from the cat. It's much better to have a warning than not, and by punishing for a growl, you will train that out and she won't warn anymore and go straight for an attack.
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  • SayaSaya
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    You put Suki in her bed do you mean her dog bed or crate?

    I'd never use crate as a punishment. If you wanted give her time out calmly leash her and put her in another room..

    If you give yummy bones be sure to give it in her crate it's not fair to the dog to be bothered while eating and if she is done with the bone put it in the fridge.. I only give bones on Saya's towel in my room or outside once done I put in ziplock and back in freeze for next time.

    My cat is dumb as can be he goes right to her while she was eating a beef tongue! Saya usually is OK with it, but this time she had enough of the cat constantly rubbing against her while she eat her days meal so she let out a warning growl coarse the cat is retarded or doesn't know dog talk so I had to pick up the cat and make sure he stayed away from her.

    I didn't punish Saya though she deserves to eat in peace.

    I do understand she wasn't eating at this time she left the bone when the cat went for the bone..

    My other cat who leaves Saya alone likes chicken wings even though he is missing teeth he does his best to tear off the meat. He lost his teeth is unknown he was like that when he was shoved into the garage.

    Mine! Is a good book on working with resource guarding.

    I don't think the dog can learn to not guard from cats since they won't learn to not keep bugging her when eating..

    I think it'd be best for her to have chews in her crate or outside or in a different room once done put it in the fridge or freeze for another day or week..

    Higher resource items can cause this not that the raw bone caused the dog to be mean it's natural.

    Someone give me 1,000 I'm going to protect it with my life if someone tries take it.. hehe
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • tatonkatatonka
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    Tatonka's friendly to dogs but I don't know what it is about big bones or massive pieces of rawhide, it turns him and his closest doggie friends to enemies. There could even be like 50 lying around but they each want what the other one has and there's much drama.

    It is quite weird, but my feeling is big bones are no joke and your dog is no exception.

    Tatonka also can't be trusted around cats, he'll stalk them and size them up for who knows what - cats get nervous. This is true for some Shibas but it doesn't sound like it's your problem.
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  • micomico
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    Thanks everyone. We don't crate Suki as there's always someone in the house. We were more shocked by the outburst because Suki gets on really well with the younger cat so much so that they sleep together, either in one of Suki's beds (one in the kitchen and one on the landing outside our bedroom) or the bed in the spare room, they even groom each other.

    We took her to her bed in the kitchen as a timeout as after we've had our evening meal she comes into the living room with us and we all play ball with her until she gets fed up (she initiates the play) and so DD could make a fuss of the cat.

    Going to have a look at the link Saya's posted.

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