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What have your shibas been up to this summer?
  • JuniJuni
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    Has anyone been on holiday? Has anyone learned anything new?
    I thought it could be fun to share some summer stories.
    Juni and I started our vacation with a weekend doggy camp! We and 11 other dogs and owners stayed at an agriculture college and learned some tracking and other nose work activities, I learned about dog massage and first aid for dogs.!163&sc=Photos
    (waiting for the scent in the track to "cool down" so Juni can go sniff it)

    It was nice to have 3 whole days just being with my dog, doing things with her. Juni did great too, she only found it difficult to relax in a small room crammed with strange dogs for the massage session, but she did great tracking and was very tired afterwards.

    (I'm sorry I'm at work and can't upload any pics better than this.)

    After that we went to Norway for a week, camping and seeing the sights. Juni loves camping, but at night she thinks she needs to defend the tent from other campers so barks a bit when people get to close. Once inside the tent she's fine and next morning she's relaxed. Same procedure at next campsite...
    We only did a few shorter hikes but she absolutely loved it so next summer we must plan some longer hiking trips. Her favourite moment was when we stopped up in the mountains where they still had snow. Juni looked at it, sniffed it and yes, wasn't it? could it really be?oh yeah, it is snow yippie!!! She never wanted to leave.

    Once we saw a big traffic jam in the middle of nowhere, when we got closer we saw it was because there was a big herd of goats everywhere. Juni sat in the back seat barking at them, she was really angry at the goats!!!! Not sure why...

    After that trip we went to Göta Kanal, which is a canal that stretches across Sweden, linking up with various lakes. It was made in the 19th century for transportation but with the expansion of railroads it lost its importance very quickly. Anyways, I bicycled along it and my boyfriend went by kayak and Juni ran or sat in her bicycle basket for 4 days. Apparently we were quite a sight...people recognized us.

    For some reason the sheep we met on bike were not at all upsetting, either there's a difference between goats and sheep in Juni's mind or she just wasn't so courageous outside the car....

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