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Shampoo's and Conditioner's for your Shiba
  • JScarf5JScarf5
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    So I have yet to give Bane a bath. I keep reading mixed opinions about bathing them. Some say only when they are blowing their coat, others say never, others say once every 3 months, so on and so forth. What has been everybody experience with the baths? I don't want to bathe him too much and strip away any oils but i'm not sure what the best way to go about bath time is? How many times to you guys bathe your Shibas? Also, any good suggestions for kind of shampoo and conditioner?
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  • SayaSaya
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  • rubyruby
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    Used the advanced search on the top as there is a lot on this topic. It seems there is a lot of varying opinions. In my personal experience I use a fragrance free dog shampoo such as Earth Bath. My favorite is Pooch Botanique. I probably am out of the norm and bathe more often than absolutely necessary and have always. My pup gets nasty dirty and wild and we live in a very busy downtown area. She loves to roll in mud, trash, etc. The upside is that since I've done it since she was a pup she is used to it and loves it. It hasn't dried her out any and she looks and smells great.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • LosechLosech
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    I bathe my dogs a couple times a year, or whenever they get into something stinky. A bath in my house uses a mild shampoo (I steal my brother's kids shampoo most of the time) or some soap, depending on what I've got on hand, if the dogs stink. If they don't, I will rinse them in vinegar or a vinegar/shampoo combo.
    I rinse the dogs with just water quite frequently. I do that about every other month or so and rub them down real good to get any loose hair and dirt out of the coat.
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  • FoxyloverFoxylover
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  • I can't even remember the last time I gave mine a bath. He's so odor free he doesn't need it. I never bathed him a lot when he was showing, but I did use coat conditioner, coat fluffers, and maybe some dry shampoo if he had any spots. Pretty much what I still do today. I love how easy this breed is maintenance wise. I had Schnauzers growing up. What a difference.

    When I do give baths, I use Plush Puppy and Isle of Dog products.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • JScarf5JScarf5
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    Thanks guys! I am going today to see if I can find a "mild" shampoo. Hope it goes well!
  • Most show Shibas today are clipped and covered in chalk. I never did it, but it is used openly by many people. I know one dog that was dyed red. There is just so much product used on dogs today that a judge would be hard pressed to find a natural dog. Mine was pretty close, but I still used coat conditioner.
  • @orangedoggie - can you elaborate on what you mean by clipped and chalked? That's surprising though I only attend shows mostly in NJ and PA. I haven't seen any fake coloring, but I wouldn't know how to spot it.

    @lindsayt - no foreign substances including water? That I have seen at shows (a quick spray and brush, usually 30-40 minutes before a show). A few of the breeders I've met say they like to bathe the pups before a show.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • @Violet - I've seen clipped whiskers (hate, hate, hate that), clipped legs, shaped tails and various other little tricks to make a dog look shorter backed or leggier or basically just about anything that can trick the eye and hide an imperfection. I've seen dogs with too much brown coat dyed red and dogs that could leave a white chalk outline in the ring. LOL
    All breeds are guilty of this stuff. I saw a terrier that was chalked red - so much so that it came off on the judges hands. It won.
    The dog show ring is a harsh mistress. ;)
  • @orangedoggie - to me that is nuts! I've heard about it with some other breeds where they hire handlers and stuff but not really about shibas, at least in my neck of the woods. The shibas I've seen out here can really run the gamut. Though most of the ones that win look pretty nice to me.

    I do realize there is a lot of politics though. It's always weird to bump into a breeder I don't know, or an officer, who start commenting/questioning my non-show girl because they're familiar with her lines. The oddest was when an officer started commenting on a judge's politics because they thought her littermate (showing that day) should have won winner's bitch.
  • It's very political sometimes and can be demoralizing at times. Of course, no one expects to win all the time, but when a judge is obviously biased it just feels like wasted effort and time. There are a few judges I learned to avoid because they were so political - as in as soon as the judge was named, I knew which dog would win. Blah.
    And then there are the people who are nice right up until you beat their dog. Wheeeeee! The claws come out and the figurative fur flies.
    I won my purple and gold rosettes, sat in the top 20 for about a week, and then retired my dog. We had our fun in the show ring.
    I'll probably forget all this by the time I get my next puppy and decide showing again would be a fine idea.
  • tatonkatatonka
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  • DebDeb
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    Orangedoggie is so right on each and every point made. People will stoop to many improper things to win and if you beat some of them, look out. It can be unbelievably cut throat. It's called politics just to use an acceptable word for it. I've seen a dog win many times that is dyed kool aid orange, so bad his urajiro is canary yellow. It's a bad hair job and really sticks out like a sore thumb, but, the dog wins often. He is a good looking dog and is well trained, but dog aggressive. That dog bit me in the calf trying to get at my puppy while waiting to go in the ring! Of course it didn't happen and no one saw it. I had a huge bruise on my calf for some time. That dog got best of breed that day. In fact it is handled by a well known professional and I think that's who grooms his dogs this way. There have been others he's handled with the same odd kool aid orange and canary yellow. It's not the right thing to do, but people do that and more without any negative effects or even acknowledgment of it. I've seen chalks, color sticks, hair dye, sprays, permanent markers, you name it all for trying to win with false color and created texture alone. Yes, on Shibas. And, it flys with some judges, but some it doesn't. I like no trimming, unless it is the bottom of the pads for reasonable and healthy purposes. After all, nails are routinely trimmed for the same reasons. Yes, a dog should be clean for showing. The rules do state very plainly that they are to be in a natural state. Many aren't. And, you should know that showing is a day by day crap shoot with many variables. No dog will always win. Do it for fun.

    The original question was regarding bathing and what kind of shampoo. I like EZ groom products, there are several kinds of shampoos. As far as frequency? When they are dirty.
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  • SayaSaya
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  • DebDeb
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    Ok, here's what a friend of mine had go on at a show. She went to steward at another club's show and I don't remember the breed this incident happened with, but it doesn't really matter. The breed was a lot of black dogs, collies or shelties, something like that. Anyway, the judge's hands were black with chalk and she needed something to clean her hands up with. My friend asked why these color enhanced dogs weren't sent out of the ring. The judge reportedly said there wouldn't be any dogs left to show if she did that. Color enhancement is prevalent at shows. In our breed, not everyone does it as we seem to have more respect for the natural requirements as well as the soboku aspects of our dogs. Soboku is sincere, genuine and uncomplicated. Still you will see some dogs that have been colored or texture enhanced and even carefully trimmed. At a handler class, the instructor told me to chalk my black and tan's cheeks to make her have a wider face. I told him I would never do that. He poo pooed me, said I wasn't serious. He had a real rant right there in front of the entire class. I never went back to that class.
  • I don't bath Kodi unless he's visibly dirty or smells. I do use a flea shampoo on him most of the time! I usually say if his neck fur isn't white then its time for a bath! I wash him outside if its hot or warm out, if its too cold then he's in the tub. He likes his bath out doors, due to the fact that I'm using a hose, because when he gets a bath inside I have to use a cup to rinse him down.
  • Mochi920Mochi920
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    Hmm mine has a slight odor. She started having this distinct smell when she turned 4 months and she doesn't have any skin irritation or dandruff unless I don't know about it but even the veterinarian examined her and said she was fine. We feed her fish oil as well so her coat is shiny lol she has a smell though it's not bad or's just a doggy smell. She plays outside ALOT and rolls around in the grass and such and when she does I always wipe her body and paws with baby wipes.

    We bathe her once every two or three weeks because she recently got diagnosed with giardia (neighbors who don't pick up after their dogs ugh!) and she is taking medication to treat it.

    My main question is about her shampoo. I am currently using chi moisturizing shampoo. I've been wanting to change it over to an oatmeal shampoo but we have so much of the chi leftover we want to finish at least half the tube before changing it. I'm wondering has anyone used this shampoo before? I don't want to believe it's the shampoo making her smell but I can't find any other reason for it.

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