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Toshi ran off from my house and went missing since 4 days ago :(
  • devildevil
    Posts: 36
    My Shiba, Toshi ran off from my house 4 days ago and has not been seen since …
    Last spotted around neighborhood is 2 days ago.
    He off leashed before but we always able to slowly approach him and retrieve him.
    This is the first time he ran out for 4 days and never come back to our housing area.
    My wife told me he ran off from the compound and she tried driving around but just could not locate him.

    I was out of country when he went missing and only back today.
    Spent hours searching surrounding neighborhood and sent notice to this neighborhood hoping someone found him and kept him.

    I am wondering, has any member experienced Shiba ran off and never came back experience?
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  • Keep talking to your neighbors, put up flyers, contact vets, etc.

    Hopefully, someone found him and is keeping him.

    Does he have a favorite place or person he knows in the area? Maybe look there.

    Hope you find him.
  • Sorry to read this. Good luck finding Tosh!
  • If you put up fliers, I'd suggest putting "needs meds" on it. This makes it more likely for someone to return him if they think he'd be costly to keep. I hope you find him :-(
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    Did you chip your Shiba?
  • devildevil
    Posts: 36
    Yeah, I microchip my shiba but We are staying in Malaysia, The chip is not going to work here :(
  • Oh no! I'm sorry to hear this! I hope you're able to find him!
  • AWE46M3AWE46M3
    Posts: 357
    Hope he returns soon!
  • devildevil
    Posts: 36
    We have search through his favorite spots ...
    We are just crossing fingers someone kept him ...
    He has the choke chain on him when he ran off ... Just don;t wish he get stuck in the jungle opposite my house :(
    My wife has been very emotional past few days especially when I am out of country when the whole incident happening ... :(
  • curlytailscurlytails
    Posts: 2779
    I can understand how it's a very distressing experience. =(

    What do people in Malaysia typically do when you can't use shelters and internet networks (like Craigslist) to reunite lost pets with their owners?

    Have you put up posters with pictures at all the local pet stores, groomers, vets? Are there markets or dumps where dogs go to scrounge?
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  • RyuDragonRyuDragon
    Posts: 319
    There are a few other threads on here discussing lost dogs and the methods used to locate them. I realize that some of the methods may not be available or as effective because of your location but hopefully it will give you some ideas.
  • kayla4554kayla4554
    Posts: 169
    I hope Toshi returns soon. Shiba's are so beyond intelligent, I'm sure he is doing just fine on his own and is probably winning over lots of food and love from strangers with his cuteness. try not to consume yourself with worry, I can only imagine how hard that must be.

    kayla and maya <3
  • BrewSterBrewSter
    Posts: 193
    if toshi is anything like brewster id devote a whole day with as many family and friends in youre area as possible and have everyone equipped with a squeaky toy and a pocket full of his most valuable treats and just net the surrounding area (wooded areas too) i know brewster ran off once but all it took was a squeaky toy to grab his attention and enticed him with treats when he was in eye shot
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    Why would the microchip not work in Malaysia? Your vets don't have microchip scanners?

    Reason i ask is, chances are, somebody is keeping Toshi. I would keep an eye out for listings in case they try to sell Toshi, then use the microchip as proof he belongs to you. Shibas are special in Malaysia, pretty much a high end breed. I doubt anybody would return unless you put a nice reward. I hope he is found :( and i am sorry to hear this happened while you were away.
  • RyuDragonRyuDragon
    Posts: 319
    Any updates @devil? Hoping to hear some good news.
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    I hope he is found soon. :(

    I was hoping see nice update about him..
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • Waiting for news about Toshi! Hope all is well... :(
  • devildevil
    Posts: 36
    Dear all,

    After missing over 30 days, We found Toshi!!!
    It happened 2 days ago!
    A family brought Toshi for our vet for checkup as he was suffering minor infection.
    Our vet immediately spotted Toshi as that's her first and only Shiba Inu patient list.
    We were told someone nearby our neighborhood picked him and send Toshi to this family.
    We were so delightful and Toshi is wounded from the infection but we hope within next 1 week, he will be back to normal!

  • WendyNCWendyNC
    Posts: 257
    Wonderful news! Glad he's home with you and hope the infection clears up quickly.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
    Posts: 4786
    No more off leash!!!!
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  • So glad to hear that he's back with you! Hope he has a speedy recovery.
  • Great news you wetter very lucky to find him after so long.
  • EthosEthos
    Posts: 372
    I had Akuma off leash once and he ran away toward his favorite spot (The park across the street). I had to literary jump on him to stop him before crossing the street scratching all right side of my body. Never off leash unless in a fenced area. learned my lesson!
  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
    So basically this other family was ok with harboring a stolen dog? wtf
  • I'm very happy for you.
    It would be interesting to know what happened with the family that found him, but the important thing is that he's now home again!
    Bowdu 寶肚 (Shiba) and Bowpi 寶媲 (Basenji) with M.C.
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    So Glad Toshi was found!
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • So glad he's home!
  • Good to hear he is back.
    Really fast out.
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  • Happy endings!!!!!!
    Fred and Jodie...Madison WI

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    **Zoey....The Schipperke**
  • So glad you found Toshi!
  • Wow, that's very lucky! I'm glad he made it home, after a fashion. I know I'd go out of my mind if Shinta got lost.
  • Definitely a happy ending. I can't imagine what you must've been through the last 30 days.
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