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brewster will be 1 year in a couple weeks and liz and me anniversary ;)
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    ok so liz isnt on here much so i can get some i deas and hopefully blend it in with the other parts haha on august 18 brewster will be 1 year old :D hes turned out to be a fine dog and we love him whole heartedly so what do you think we should do oin his bday? maybe a puppy day out like beach (he loooooooves) (also ladies on here we have a 150$ limit on things for anniversary (1year) and i already havent gotten liz everything she wants / needs and thoughts and i mean items i already p[lan to cook her favorite dinner and desert etc so help!) she isnt materialistic ! haha anyway back to our shiba baby!

    WE havent posted here in a while since weve moved but thats why we have been uber busy! but brewster is very good most of the time,he still has puppy tendancies but hes growing out of it but he is still a LICKER any exposed skin and he says "mmmmm time to lick!" but no biting :)
  • What did you end up doing to celebrate your pups birthday? A day at the beach sounds like a TON of fun!

    Also how did the anniversary go? I'm sure your wife was happy with just the romantic dinner that I'm sure you cooked for her!
  • we wound up getting him a couple toys/favorite treats and spent the day with him,walked him on the beach even tho it was a no no but whatever he just runs around on his 100ft lead....and for the lady we got sushi and i got her a brand new beach cruiser bike :) she got me an awesome motorcycle jacket w/kevlar inserts to protect as much as possible in the off chance i go down :) it was great!

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