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Fun games/activities
  • SaskaShibaSaskaShiba
    Posts: 150
    My vet clinic is celebrating Animal Health Week later this year and im trying to put some fun games or activities together. Can be with pets or without but animal related. We are having an open house and a BBQ and I want to do a dog wash for charity. Any other good ideas?
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
    Posts: 1259
    The northern california shiba party did a toy hunt, where Toys were hidden and whatever toy your shiba brought back, you kept.
  • @kumaDUDE That is a really creative idea!

    How about maybe...a doggie bake sale? Make dog & human treats! Cookies, cupcakes, and such.

    Lol, sorry, more food related stuff^
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  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
    Posts: 1259
    I think they have been doing this run for a few years, they didn't have enough toys two years ago so not every shiba got a toy
    They also had some raffles of course. Best of luck
  • YukikoYukiko
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    You can do contests for smallest dog, ugliest dog, best trick, etc and the prize can be a toy or a gift certificate for a free nail trim for your clinic.