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Nikko the Shiba in Massachusetts!
  • This is Nikko our current foster! Nikko was found at the side of a West Virginia highway near death due to neglect and starvation. We are fostering him up in northern Massachusetts. He's such a sweet boy! He's still a little skittish at times, but he loves to play, especially outside throwing the ball. He ADORES walks! The second we go to grab his harness and leash he dashes to the front door and dances.

    He does have some food and toy aggression. He lives with my other male shiba (Knox) just fine as long as all toys, chews, and treats are out of reach. We have had a few scuffles because a toy or a piece of food was dropped. So I'm not 100% sure if he should be the only dog, but if he is not, some care needs to be asserted! But other than that he is a total JOY! He's going to make the right family so happy. His big doe eyes just melt your heart and all he wants to do it be loved and get second chance at life!

    We are fostering Nikko through the SROC in NJ. If you or anyone you know is interested in Nikko and lives near us feel free to email me!

    Here's his petfinder link:

    Knox The Shiba
  • What a good looking fellow! Hope he does find the home he deserves.
  • YukikoYukiko
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    Yay Nikko! Thank you so much for fostering! :)
  • philly_ypphilly_yp
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    Hi Nikko, I hope you find a loving forever home soon :)
    @Knoxtheshiba - I just adopted my dog Finley from SROC last weekend, they are SO wonderful!!! Thank you for fostering!
  • Was he FMA "SImba"? We almost took Simba instead but changed at last second! SO glad it worked out like that and you got your baby!

    UPDATE: Nikko has been adopted to a wonderful family and is now in his furever home with his new mommy, daddy, 2 human sisters, and 2 kitty siblings! Hooray!
    Knox The Shiba
  • oops I meant *FKA
    Knox The Shiba