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Luxating Patella Surgery Pre and Post Op Questions
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    Our little Safari's LP was upgraded to a grade 3 today and My wife and I are thanking out lucky stars we saved for it. I know that it's the best thing for her and I'm excited to improve her quality of life. I have some questions for those that have gone through this procedure before. 1) What are some things I can do to make her life more comfortable before the surgery? We have her on a glucosamine supplement that she gets twice a day, but is there anything else we can do? 2) how quick did your kiddo return to normal behavior after the procedure? 3) What should I be expecting with her knee after the surgery? Will she be putting full weight back on her leg again? Haha as you can see I'm a very protective father and want the best for my little girl and want someone to qualm a little bit of my anxiety. Thanks for your help.
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