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my shiba heroes!
  • a couple nights ago i was eating dinner in the living room, i was sitting on the floor and watching tv. as i was swallowing; something on tv made me laugh which made me choke. so for a good 30-40 seconds i was coughing up a storm, yumi and genji came running up to me! no barking or anything, genuine concern and maybe a little fear. genji jumped at my back and yumi was trying to lick my face.
    once i stopped coughing, i loved on them and they were so happy. jumping up and doing circles in front of me. I was really surprised that they tried to rescue me. i always thought that they would need to have training or something, but it's nice to know that they tried to "slap" me on the back to help me catch my breath.
    now i have hope that possibly, one of those crazy rescue stories: where the dog calls for help while their master is stuck, could be me!
    next test would be, if they would do the same for my fiance!

    any other fantastic shiba-to-the-rescue stories?!
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    Here's mine from a few months ago. INU did a Lassie today.
  • ljowen123ljowen123
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    I have diabetes and am prone to horrific migraines. Whenever a migraine is coming, Jazz always tries to replace my pillow with herself. If I wake up and my head is on her, I know that I need to take meds. Jazz has also woken me twice when my blood sugar had dropped dangerously low.
    LJ - owned by Queen Jazz, a Shiba Inu, Atlanta, GA
  • DakotaRose42DakotaRose42
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    @ljowen123 Funny you mention that! I just watched a story about how they are now using dogs in homes with Children with Diabetes, here's the story!

    What great "Angel's with Fur" you all have!!!

    ~Steph and Wade~ Proudly owned by: Shiba and Lyla
  • SakuSaku
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    Wow both stories are amazing!
    Saku & Mina's mom

    Saku & Mina
  • KentaKenta
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    Whenever my boyfriend tickles me and I start screaming or laughing really loud, Kenta comes running at me and starts looking at me like 'someone help, we need to rescue my boss'! It's so cute. Kitsu doesn't do things like that at all, I think when someone is trying to kill me, he'll walk away with the killer. They'll just have to pet him or give him a treat and he's sold, lol.
  • lucylulucylu
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    I was hungover once and all lucy wanted to do all morning was bite, play, bark, and go outside. I guess she rescued me from drinking that much again.

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