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Sasha- An Older Shiba Girl needs home
  • Jenna Gates, of the Jenna and Snickers blog, has a little older foster girl who needs a forever home. Here is the link:
  • Jenna is located in Mississippi, but Sasha travels very well in cars, so she could be transported to a different location.

    Jenna has posted a new video of this little girl on the Jenna and Snickers blog.
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    Jenna Is actually a member of this forum @jenna
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    Yep, I am! I just saw this cz a few people have clicked through to the post and it showed up in my stats. Thanks, Sukoshi's Mom, for sharing this. I haven't had ANY interest in Sasha yet, which is frustrating. She is such a sweet, sweet girl. I wish she weren't so scared and reactive with other dogs... I'd just keep her.
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