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Artificial grass and dogs. Anyone use it?
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    Do you want it to be a potty area AND a play area?
    Where is the small enclosed area?
    There are two types of artificial grass, those made for dogs with a scent to lure them to potty, and there are the ones humans use for their lawns.

    I personally have only used the one meant for dogs to potty on (since i have a 7 lb mix who has to go in between walks). Drying can be a problem, and I recommend getting it ONLY if you can sun dry the artificial grass. Even with regular rinsing, it gets difficult to air dry it as it takes a while, and also still has a urine smell. I even tried safe odor eliminating pebbles to sprinkle on the fake grass, doesn't help. Sun dry is the best method (after rinsing of course).

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