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I don't want to share my toys with my friends!
  • TonkaTalksTonkaTalks
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    Hi guys!

    I'm sorry if there's already a post on this - I looked but couldn't find anything really relevant...please feel free to direct me elsewhere if I missed it!

    Tonka will be five months next week, and is the sweetheart of our neighborhood. He LOVES making new friends - both human and canine - and has actually changed some opinions of Shibas, as I guess there have been a few Shibas less friendly than Tonka in the past! Tonka's absolute favorite dog in the neighborhood is an adorable little French Bulldog, and we went to their house today for the first time for a puppy playdate. Tonka and his friend gleefully rolled around on the carpet for hours, until someone found a toy. The Frenchie wanted to share, but Tonka ended up pouncing on the toy and snarling until I had to take it away. He got worked up to the point where he snapped at me when I picked him up to go. It was a little embarrassing.

    Considering how social and tolerant he is of other dogs, I would hate for him to turn into such a brat when toys are around! I know we can just have a no-toy policy when playing with other dogs, but itnwould be great if he wanted to play noce with tangible objectsnaround, too! I wondered if anyone else had experience with their Shibas sharing? Any advice?

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    From my dog park experience, no toys or treats should be allowed. High value items can become a point of conflict for dogs unless well supervised. You might want to try redirection to diffuse his possessiveness. There is a reason why Shiba's are synonymous with the word MINE. BTW my boy INU does not get along with Frenchies after he was attacked by one at the dog park last year. But thats another story.
  • CrhonosCrhonos
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    You may have to try and be there with both dogs since they don't know that they're supposed to be sharing. I'm assuming whenever your Shiba plays with toys it's just him and you have no other dogs? If so he probably thinks all toys belong to him.

    What I saw work before was to have both dogs in front of you and give the toy to the dog that isn't obsessive over the toy and your Shiba will likely snarl, but make him know that that's not okay. You may have to repeat this a few times though. I had this problem with my friends Shiba and how aggressive she would get when other dogs would come around at treat time. She was almost 4 months by the way and there hasn't been problems as far as snapping at us though.
  • speeedspeeed
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    For reference this behavior is called resource guarding. My guy does it too..
  • chelley3chelley3
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    My shiba does this too with her toys and food. When I visited a friend who has a labrador, I thought they'd get along and everything would be okay. But once they met, my Miya didn't want to share any of her things and would snarl and bite with the lab. She also didn't want me to pet or play with the other dog and this was something I had never seen as she is calm at dogs parks, even shy at times. But the faces she made when another dog was playing with anythings that was hers, it was scary.

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