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Tapeworms help!
  • Shiba_HaduShiba_Hadu
    Posts: 22
    Today I found a tapeworm crawling out from Hadu's backside I got rid of it and assumed everything was ok but just now where she was lying down there were tons of booger looking things and a few more worms. They were not there yesterday because her poo was normal no worm bits were in it. I gave her a flea and worm prevention/killer pill that lasts for 30 days. Her last checkup was last Tuesday and she was negative for worms. Is the pill getting the worms out and why are there so many? None of the other dogs have worms I checked there poo.
  • RhondabeeRhondabee
    Posts: 175
    The wormer you are giving may not kill tapeworms. You probably need to get medication from your vet to get rid of the tapeworms. There is over the counter medication you can buy, but my vet did not recommend using it. Tapeworms are transmitted by your dog ingesting a flea that carries the tapeworm larvae. Tapeworms are not transmittable from your infected dog to you or your other dogs. They would have to ingest a flea to get it.
  • Shiba_HaduShiba_Hadu
    Posts: 22
    Why are there so many of the worms? I found at least 5, do they reproduce that quickly? And just to clarify if one of my dogs were to eat one of the tapeworms from Hadu it can't infect them?
  • RhondabeeRhondabee
    Posts: 175
    No, as far as what I have read, if one of your other dogs ate a tapeworm, they would not get infected. Most commonly tapeworms are transmitted by your dog eating a flea that is carrying the tapeworm larvae. Here is a link to more information:

    I had a dog that got tapeworms - it just shows up suddenly. I did buy over the counter pills to treat it, but I would go through your vet to get the medication, as I was told that the prescription medication is safer or more effective.
  • Shiba_HaduShiba_Hadu
    Posts: 22
    Thank you for this. Big stress reliever lol. The vets around here are closed so I'll have to call tomorrow.
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  • Your vet can give you the right medicine to do the immediate kill. Then put you dog on a monthly worm preventative that also kills tapeworms (your vet can tell you which ones do that). Also keep your dog up to date on flea prevention. Try to determine source of the fleas and treat area if necessary.
  • shibamistressshibamistress
    Posts: 5171
    Or, get this:

    It will take care of tapeworms, and may (or may not!) be cheaper than what you can get from your vet. Cheaper than what my vet could get anyway (they recommended it to me). You have to make sure you get the kind that will kill tapeworms.

    I didn't know there was a monthly preventative for tapeworms, but I probably wouldn't get it anyway. My dogs just get the wormer a couple of times a year. I do it because they kill and eat a lot of things, like rats, rabbits, etc.
  • shibagirlyshibagirly
    Posts: 16
    My cats got tapeworm, from eating mice. If your shiba goes outside where it might kill/eat a mouse, better to go with the preventive. My shibas caught a bird once, while on leash. They're very quick, so sometimes they can get a hold of something before you can even react.
  • Shiba_HaduShiba_Hadu
    Posts: 22
    Got her a dewormer pill from the vet today so everything is all good now. Thanks for the tips everyone.
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  • AvehAveh
    Posts: 110
    Sorry to ressurect a dead thread but... is this... common? I am prepared to deal Shiba
    poop, pee, vomit, fur, chewing, crying, screaming, bad breath, farts, and all the other stuff. But I CANNOT STAND BUGS. WORMS? WORMS? THIS FREAKS ME OUT SO MUCH.
  • No worries--we'd much rather have people resurrect old threads than start a new one on a topic we already have threads on.

    Well, puppies often have worms as it gets passed on from their mothers, so puppy worms are not uncommon, anyway. Otherwise, most dogs don't get tapeworms unless they are eating animals like mice/rats or the worst offender--rabbits. So I wouldn't say it is that common.

    I've never SEEN any worms in my dogs, thankfully, but I do use a dewormer twice a year or so because they kill and eat a lot of stuff.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
    Posts: 4786
    Lisa, do you get your wormer at the vet or online, and which do you use if you are buying it on your own? Just curious. Mine are also fond of wild flora and fauna.
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  • WendyNCWendyNC
    Posts: 257
    The thing that works for sure are Droncit tablets, available only by veterinary prescription/from your vet. Back in the day before we had effective flea prevention, finding tape worms in one animal meant treating the whole pack--which could get darn pricey when a couple of packs of large dogs spent lots of time together. We were fortunate that the vet our group was using in those days was willing to sell us the stuff by the bottle at very close to cost.

    What's nice about Doncit is that it works by dissolving the protective coating on the outside of the tapeworms so that they are then destroyed by the enzymes in the digestive tract, which is easy on the dog's system.
  • Resurrecting a quite old thread: noticed a day or so ago, our girl was no longer pooping her usual dark brown, firm stools. Rather, she would also produce pieces very yellow or beige in color with what looks like to me to be tape worm segments (tiny white bits). Stool sample dropped at vet's this morning and appointment made for a visit. However, haven't read that a tapeworm infestation can actually change a the color of a dog's stool from healthy chocolate brown to almost yellow. Although it makes sense to me. No other clinical symptoms at all. Just this strange poop which I swear must be tapeworm segments. Anyone want to take a look by enlarging the photo and telling me what you think? I apologize for the photo if too icky for some, but am curious. We should hear tomorrow what they find.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495

    The photo won't show. But I haven't heard of it causing discoloration in the stool. When Bootz had tapeworm her stools were normal color with the white/yellow specs
  • Well, we got a negative on the fecal. Although they said there are often false negatives. The vet said she'd treat her for tapeworms anyway. I guess there is no harm in that.
  • Just posted in another thread what this whole problem was. Dakota had found an open bag of bone meal and had been helping herself to it for the last almost two months!!!!

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